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  1. I haven't jumped into this project quite yet. I will update on what I find when I do.... Stay tuned. Thanks to those who've replied with ideas / guidance.
  2. Looks like it might be the same. I found the attached on AutoZone's website using your verbiage (Unified meter) as I didn't know where to start. It's listed for my 2003 and looks identical to the one you posted. It also appears to be shared with Maximas. I probably won't get to trying to figure this out for another week or so. Thank you for the help.
  3. That would be fantastic. Thank you Richard.
  4. The 350z has an OEM oil pressure sensor that goes to an analog gauge that sits on the dash. My gauge broke and was expecting to be able to read oil pressure through the ECU. Unfortunately, oil pressure always reads 0psi in the ECU. Do I just need to wire the 5 volt from the factory sensor to an analog input to get it to work with Link?
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