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  1. im guessing a wiring issue as no signal from trigTrigger Scope Log 2021-04-8 11;05;23 am.llgger 2
  2. The battery had started to drop off hence the spikes in the rpm as it wasn't doing this when I had a charger on it
  3. hi here it is volvo t5.pclr Log 2021-04-8 8;22;07 am.llg
  4. I still can't get the damn thing to run,it doesn't seem to be injecting or firing the coils or attempting to,bi have engine rpm, any advice??
  5. You haven't attached a file but thanks
  6. Yes cable throttle rather than e throttle thanks Volvo Map.pclr
  7. Hi all I have a autograss car that runs a focus rs engine I have the car all wired and ready to start but the map i have been given is set for e throttle and uses a maf sensor I don't run either, how do I set the ecu to use a tps rather than the e throttle and I'm guessing my mapper will sort the issue where I have a fault for voltage on the maf as like I said I don't use it, im guessing as its mapped for it, it looking for it as i turned it off when setting up the inputs, many thanks
  8. if you don't mind sharing it my way too.. what mods are you running??
  9. Running the vvc?? cjl what year volvo? what engine code? are you
  10. Old thread I know, but did anyone have a base map and settings to configure the ecu to run 5 cylinder rs with the vvc, maybe even some info on what inputs and outputs you used would be great too
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