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  1. What is the best easiest dash to get to work with a link, it needs to be waterproof
  2. Hi all I have a link storm and a dash2, (not pro) I have configured the can as per race technology website, and the can adapter and the dash but still nothing, has anyone had ant experience with this set up also, configuring the oil pressure switch to the ecu!! I have email RT and they can take upto 48 hours to respond!!
  3. Fordya42


    So I have now fitted 3 different trigger wheels, and am now back on the original, the one thing I did that fixed it was to change out the crank sensor for one with a much smaller steel core to it, approx 3mm diameter my original sensor approx 5/6mm, no errors, no miss fire and back on original loom. The original sensor and replacements where all genuine Ford, its now on a magneti marelli sensor, after 14hours of chasing my backside, she's alive and kicking
  4. Fordya42


    ok so firmware has been updated successfully, but still have same issue, really weird as the car has been mapped fine on the rollers, but only had this issue since its been rebuilt ihave now replaced everything except the ecu
  5. Fordya42


    so things have got worse i have fitted, new trigger wheel, new sensor new wiring, and still the same, so i decide to update my firmware and now ecu is stuck in boot mode and wont update and wont run the car hellllpppp
  6. Fordya42


    Fantastic thank you its a focus st engine in an autograss car, its only been an issue since its been rebuilt, it runs a custom crank trigger wheel on the pulley end of the engine due to standard flywheel/pick up making it being to wide for the chassis. I will check the crank sensor and try again
  7. Fordya42


    ok so i think i worked it out Trigger Scope Log 2021-06-24 7;57;57 am.llg
  8. Fordya42


    lol ok it is a storm, so how the hell do i use the built in scope??
  9. Fordya42


    I have a what i think is a miss fire not 100% but the engine certainly does not seem happy, i did have an issue where the car was cutting power at 3/4 to full throttle but found a split pipe from my turbo to actuator, can only presume it over boosted hence the cut in power and popping and banging but now with a new set of plugs and coils it seems to be missing at 6500 rpm, limiter is set at 6900 i have attached a log file can someone look and tell me if they see anything wrong, Thanks Log 2021-06-23 7;50;18 pm.llg
  10. im guessing a wiring issue as no signal from trigTrigger Scope Log 2021-04-8 11;05;23 am.llgger 2
  11. The battery had started to drop off hence the spikes in the rpm as it wasn't doing this when I had a charger on it
  12. hi here it is volvo t5.pclr Log 2021-04-8 8;22;07 am.llg
  13. I still can't get the damn thing to run,it doesn't seem to be injecting or firing the coils or attempting to,bi have engine rpm, any advice??
  14. You haven't attached a file but thanks
  15. Yes cable throttle rather than e throttle thanks Volvo Map.pclr
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