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  1. I am having issues with my cold start driving if I need to move the car right after I start it instead of waiting till it fully warms up it wants to choke on it self. I have attached my map and a log of the cold start issue... Hopefully someone can point me to the right direction Thank you, cold start (1).llg last gear.pclr
  2. I have a question that I am not sure about. When accelerating at a constant speed let say at 60Km and then lifting of the accelerator should the wideband / fuel go lean or rich? I have noticed on E85 it will go rich and sort of hover there. Sometimes it will correct it self and go lean. Example, coming of a highway ramp towards a set of traffic lights I would be driving at 100kmph then coasting towards the lights with out tapping the acceleration and it would be going rich. I notice the same example on my Fuel map and it goes lean while coasting. I want to know if there is something not set up correctly of if this is normal when on E85 Log file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/m6kn080z6w3yrfi/12.5.21.llg?dl=0 Thank you
  3. Volcom86

    Rich cold starts

    Thanks @Adamw I will try it out and report back. Thank you for the feedback
  4. Volcom86

    Rich cold starts

    I have an issues with cold starts that has always been there since day one after a tune was done. On my Flex tune it doesn't matter if I am running on Petrol or Ethanol it's the same for both scenarios. The issues is the AFR's will dip into the low 10's AFR on the gauge under .7 Lambda which is way to rich and stinks out the garage/surroundings badly. Then it slowly creeps up into the lower 13's AFR till it hits about 80 ECT where it will creep into 14.7 AFR What would be the ideal AFR Target for cold starts and how do I adjust this? Thank you for any feedback as it will be much appreciated. last.pclr test cold start .llg
  5. Thank you @AdamwI will report back once I get to lower Ethanot % thakos for the reply
  6. Attached link to the original picture log file sorry about that @Adamw https://www.dropbox.com/s/0t4rc9mhp9daysq/Simon 05 STI Final PLEX SDM500.llg?dl=0
  7. I have a quick question in relation to Multi Boost Level on variants of Ethanol % Content At 15%+ Ethanol Content, my AFR's are pretty much spot under full load At 11% Ethanol Content, my AFR's are way richer ??? By the looks of things my Wastegate Duty Cycle % are lower on the 11% Ethanol as I would expect it to be Is there a simple explanation for this? Map uploaded Thank you
  8. @Adamw I might have an answer to my problem. When we changed the lambda sensor for some reason it was in my map showing as a Zetronix Z3... Even though I have a AEM X-Series gauge... This is how it was tuned under Zetronix Z3. I have changed to a NEW AEM Lambda Sensor few months ago but never changed the settings in the file to change from Zetronix Z3 to a AEM X-Series as it just worked I have had a play with the settings today and noticed when switching from Zetronix Z3 to AEM X-Series settings the AFR becomes more richer about 2 points richer. Would this mean I would need to have the car retuned if I wanted to switch the settings from Zetronix Z3 to AEM X-Series for example https://www.dropbox.com/s/yh4kyj4qexmoelm/original map AEM 22.llg?dl=0 LOG FILE AEM SETTINGS I am not sure if these two would have an effect on my Lean spike AFR Thank you. I hope the above all makes sense
  9. Thank you @Adamw I appreciate your feedback. I do not know what it might be. I have replaced the Lambda Sensor not that long ago as my old sensor gave up. It fixed allot of other issues that I was experiencing however the new sensor never fixed lean condition.
  10. Thanks @Adamw I have tried to play around with the Accel Clamp Table and I saw no difference. What I did try was switching from FP-Sensor to LOAD=MAP and I have notice an improvement Could this potentially be a faulty Fuel Pressure Sensor giving me this drama with the quick lean spike conditions ? Thank you Attached updated MAP File and LOG File https://www.dropbox.com/s/pc3tsvbkvdln2lu/Simon 05 STI Final PLEX SDM500 lower WG DC 2 MAP.llg?dl=0
  11. Hi guys, I have a question in regards to when I stump on the throttle to 100% at lower RPM cruise RPM the Air Fuel will go lean and the car will sometimes stutter then go back to normal. ( I have only been doing this to log and show the data on what its doing) Would this be due to a bad low load VE Table or close loop fueling or Accel Enrichment? If I progressively increase the % of TP it's a lot better Running 1,700cc ID Injectors Attached log and map Thank you https://www.dropbox.com/s/endueqn9by4ofnv/feb 11 v7.llg?dl=0
  12. A new wideband sensor has fixed my issues Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate it as always. Thanks,
  13. Thanks for the reply. The AEM gauge and Ecu read the same data in this case richer then the Dyno wideband... It's not a case that the AEM gauge is reading different then what the ECU is reading. Both the ECU and AEM gauge read the same
  14. @Adamw @Adamwyes it does have a gauge. I will see if I can get the part number/photo MFG: 30-4110 SKU: 146 Which seems to use the LSU 4.9 wideband sensor Unfortunately it does not match the dyno lambda. Mine shows way richer AFR Example mine reads under 10.0 AFR and on dyno wideband it is leaner at 11.4 at full pull just where it should be! It use to read closer to the tune AFR and over time it got richer and richer but the car still pulled fine and hard and did not break up under boost which I thought it was strange because if it was this rich it would break up under boost! Hence why I wanted to get it checked and put back on the dyno. They told me it could be the gauge or sensor or earth connection having issues. I was trying to trouble shoot the ECU map file just to see if there is anything that sticks out and noticed these settings were like that mind you the current tuner has not touch this setting and it was presented by another previous tuner. This is the gauge I have. I also believe the wideband sensor has been changed somewhere along the lines.
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