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  1. Thanks for your help adam got it connected still had to use g4+ drivers with the latest g4 pclink software
  2. Dowloaded drivers swt and says it's connected to pc so i went into pclink and it says this operation requires a newer version of pclink software
  3. cheers will try that yep installing into default folder. im trying to use the pc link v4.43 as my link ecu has 2009 on the board so i assumed id have to use that pclink
  4. Have the early link g4. Ive installed pclink and it says drivers not avaliable.when installing the drivers it says specified inf files couldnt be copied and installed so i saved the driver files to windows and this pops up
  5. Dw about that comment i thought wasted spark may have a different firing sequence so i couldnt run factory coils ive never seen a wasted spark setup
  6. Oh cheers i can still run ignition coils tho?
  7. its a gts/gtr plug and play link g4 serial number #4333
  8. got it sorted cheers but now it doesnt want to run properly on basemap
  9. ive jst installed a link g1 v.2.5 into my s1 rb25det r32 i used the reload function to restore base map but it barely wants to start and it drives like a pig..does anyone have a standard rb25det base tune i could copy
  10. I have a rb pnp v2.5 g1 but it wont connect to my laptop through serial link have tryed to change com port but pc wont let me Ecu has power as car fired up
  11. Jst brought a link g1 v2.5 plug and play also have the serial link/tuning interface and a 3 bar map sensor will i need any another sensors to tune it only after a mild tune
  12. Can anyone tell me were i can find a base map for a rb25det or someone who can point me in the right direction Rb20det,390cc injectors,25det turbo currently running a 25det ecu
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