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  1. Hello great people of Link ECUs 

    How can i tune my RPM Limits to create bangs and flames, I tried several ways including things from this forum, maybe because I didn’t finish my tuning ( it’s 50% tune )?!? 

    I know it’s dangerous on the engine but we like it :-)

    My engine: 1jz vvti storm g4 Ecu  

     I know it’s a FAQ, but pls advise 


  2. Hello dear’s

     I follow your instructions for how to wire the injectors and it works perfect 

    but i have another problem, the boost solenoid valve ( mac 3 ) is running ( clicking) while it’s off from the Ecu, even when i switch between aux5 and aux8

    and the clicking increase with the RPM

    is it a wiring issue?

    also, the tachometer is not working?

    I have a nissan Altima 92 and i wire the tacho on aux1 but nothing happened?!

     Really thanks for your continued support   

  3. hello guys 

    im fitting g4 on my 1jz vvti engine , i change the injectors to 2jz vvti , i have boost solenoid, new big turbo, new headers, new west-gate 

    so can you help me with a base map for this setup.


  4. Hello guys, 

    we all know that monsoon is 4 x Injector Drivers & 4 x Ignition Drivers 

    my question here is what i should do on the software to configure base map in this situation if I want to run it on 1jz vvti  “ 6 ignitions & 6 injectors “.

    and if there is any additional advice .

    Ps, I'm a novice tuner 



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