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  1. Thanks, will try that next time I'm with the car.
  2. So turned out one of the pins in the Deutsch connecter wasn't seated properly and popped out when the plug was connected. That is now fixed and CAN Lamda is operantional again. However now the car no longer starts (no ignition it seems) so I fear I messed something up in the ECU settings. Is there a way to export the fuel map, then go back to the base map and reload only the fuel map?
  3. Yeah, thats what I expected. I will double check if the sensor has power by checking if it heats up and double check if the CAN signal wires are still properly connected. Can I measure a voltage on the signal wires to check if the device still has output?
  4. Hi Adam, Thanks for the quick reply. I can test that when I am with the car again next year. If the sensor remains cold it means the sensor is broken? I already know the device is getting power since I can measure the voltage on the plug. The device is connected directly to the ECU, no other devices are connected to CAN. Haven't changed any thing on the wiring side, but I can always recheck. What do I need to check if the sensor gets warm? Thanks
  5. Thats just it, it shows its turned off. When using the CAN setup it no longer detects a CAN device.
  6. Hi, I recently installed a Link CAN lambda in combination with a MR2Link V1 - TST185X. Used a relais to connect it al up and it was neatly found by the ECU. But after starting the car a few times the CAN device can no longer be found. At first I expected a wire to have come loose, but I checked and the CAN Lambda does get power. Is there a way to test if it is still functional in some way, and what could have caused this? Regards, Emile
  7. Figured it out. On the G+ Link ECU the VC is the 5V+ :-)
  8. Hi All, I hope someone can clarify something for me. I have a full kit ready to be built in my 91 St185, but have some confusion about connecting the Link 4 Bar map sensor. I think I should swap it with the factory one but... the factory has 2 sensor outputs and a ground (Brown) input, 1 sensor wire goes to ECU PIM pin & Boost Gauge in dash (Red-White), the other to ECU VC pin & AFM and Throttle sensor (Pink-Blue). The explanations for VC and PIM are pretty much the same: - VC: Turbo charging pressure sensor signal - PIM: Signal from the turbo sensor, also dri
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