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  1. Indeed, you will need "controlers" for each of thoses sensors thant cannot be pluged directly on a plugin ecu. for EGT you will need an amplifier that either sends 0-5V to the ecu or through CAN turbo speed, you could theoretically wire it directly to the ECU but the signal frequency will most likely to high for the ecu so you will need a frequency divider circuit according to Adam its fine as G4X can do 10kHz wideband lambda will need its own controler either giving the signal through can (link can lambda) or through analog signal (aem x series for example)
  2. I guess math function only came with g4x
  3. euro S50 has dual vanos, so I guess its not that one as he specifies single vanos. maybe a m50 vanos like?
  4. all good still learning too
  5. create a time plot with the available trigger data
  6. Just Upload the other files through a file sharing site like Dropbox or google Drive
  7. upload your complete pclx file
  8. Battery/chassis ground. It has only the power function Switched 12v is one way, it's own relay controlled by the ECU is another. The first one is simpler, the second may be preferred by purists
  9. For the lambda you want to use a spare AN volt analog input (either on the main plug or the extensions). The zeitronix send a 0-5V signal to that input and once you set the right scaling in the ECU you will get your lambda value in there For the solenoid you want on one pin to have a +12V that comes on with the ignition switch (0V when key off, 12V when ignition on) and the other pin comes on a spare AUX output (again either on main plug or on extension loom)
  10. No, pluging the ECU doesn't trigger anything on the tablet. Pluging a USB key triggers a USB mass storage and a mouse gives PS/2 mouse in that list.
  11. should I go lower or higher with the arming voltages? stock is 0.5v and 2.0V in the first columns, I tried from 0.3V up to 0.8V, and 1.5 up to 3 without changes. For the ignition angle, I tried dropping it like that because when I look at the logs, as soon as the ecu sees rpm, it commends 12° btdc even though my ignition table 1 is way less. so I have basically no influence on that
  12. I have plugged, a mouse, a usb key and a keyboard to verify that its working, and that exact cable did work in the past on another linx trablet that runs on a g4+ car as display
  13. same boat for me, I tried installing the pclink g4x on a linx tablet, but I'm getting the dll issue too. I plugged the ecu in (that works great on the computer) and the ecu doesn't pop up in the device manager, so I cannot delete the current driver if there is one. also a brand new win10 install. any clue on the steps to get it working?
  14. Yes, like this table. Either you put 1300 at 440 or you leave 1060 at base pressure (300) and ECU makes the correction himself when FP is changing
  15. you can make a 3D table for your dead times. leave battery volts on X and put differential fuel pressure on Y with 300 400 and 500 kpa break points and then give the raw values from there. the link will then do the interpolation according to the fuel pressure it reads.
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