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  1. dx4picco

    Random questions

    It is a g4+ extreme on a Euro s50b32. Car runs for now without vanos as we still have load of wiring work to do. So there is a balance bar indeed and we teed onto the fuel pressure reg line for the map signal. I didn't think that the tps fuel table and map in load equation would take BAP change into consideration. Map is like 70+ at idle and 55 on overrun! Pretty new to me haha Now that you say it I remember that a coefficient like map/100 comes into play here. All good there then. I had a weakness moment
  2. You can look into the ecu master can switch board. I wired that in with 6 switches and 2 rotaries It works great. All with can
  3. dx4picco

    Random questions

    Bummer... Separate question, when an ITB engine with Idle Valve is ran, i must use MAP in load equation right? And to compensate for baro changes I must make a 4d table?
  4. dx4picco

    Over rich warm up

    put 7 or leave 8 in and start to tune your fuel table, if numbers in the fuel table at higher loads stay low then decrease it
  5. dx4picco

    Over rich warm up

    you need to figure out roughly your dead times. what make are those injectors? then tune your fuel map. then worry about the warmup. to avoid flooding the engine, just reduce the number in the fuel map at that map and rpm
  6. dx4picco

    Over rich warm up

    looking at your fuel table, it doesn't look right. I guess fuel map isn't tuned. so tune your fuel map before starting to play with warmup. and injector dead times are still stock, so if you changed your injectors, update that too
  7. dx4picco

    Random questions

    I got a gtx2867r for my gc8 recently For the sake of me I cannot find turbo speed sensors for this one without the whole kit that cost over 400€ Anyone has an address to get the 769366-0001 alone so that I can plug it to the ecu? G series turbos, I can find the sensor alone for 170€ or so, but not from the gtx gen 2 I got.
  8. Would a vems amp together with a link egt sensor work? Do I need to weld it on the amp or I can put a plug like the vems connector pair and have some wires going to the amp?
  9. You plug your wideband controler to a permanent 12v source and not a switched one
  10. Hotwire the lambda to see what happens at startup
  11. What do you want to setup with that switch?
  12. You will need to have 3 wires +5v on one side ANvolt in the middle Sensor ground on the other side. As long as you have an ANvolt input available you will be able to have it
  13. Hi there, I think we will need to do something similar on a S50b32 euro from a friend (dual vanos, so aux 1-2 can't be used for 3 wires). the way to do it still hasn't changed? (ecu G4+ xtrem) or there is now a simpler way?
  14. If I'm not mistaken, yes that is the case All 4 cams position sensors go on DI's (for vvt) and trigger 2 goes onto left intake Cam pulley
  15. Like I asked in the past They cannot be mixed up
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