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  1. We cannot guess what is going on with the values shown in the log. it is missing many parameters. post the calibration file too so we can take a look, but it seems to have injector DC% spike in that region yes
  2. you can easily make a manual switch override using a DI or Anvolt as well as a virtual Aux with a OR condition on Fan1 or your switch so you get both auto mode ecu controlled and manually too on cooldown lap for example
  3. The Lc1 doesn't have a gauge right? What does the innovate software reports for lambda values when your ECU says it's 30% too rich? If the values doesn't match then yeah that may be a calibration issue. I use a innovate lm2 when a wideband is not always required and programmed the analog output to match the aem X series gauge and simply use the X series calibration in the ECU. So there are 2 ways to go
  4. yeah I agree that's a pain in the butt to get through the tables. Like I said, in my case mainly used as display
  5. I am running a Linx 7 as display and occasional tunning tool. Old thing not powerful and PC link runs without issues. Just the startup is somewhat long.
  6. on g4+ you cannot run sequential without cam signal. On g4x you could do it with an extra map sensor on one intake runner. You can run wasted spark with only crank trigger.
  7. I use this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-dKvM7ywf3unsBYnyYGU8c0Yt48w_Hb/view?usp=sharing
  8. dx4picco

    Random questions

    I know about gp temp on regular anvolt, I was speaking about a can anvolt. knowing that the temp is no linear curve and its no kpa but degres?
  9. dx4picco

    Random questions

    A friend is running an atom 4+ ecu, what would be the available sensor inputs available if he uses a ecu Can board v3? I am not sure where to find AN and DI functions available from can (gearbox switches, oil P and T...) edit: Ok, I found the list in "Parameter selection" and "receive". apparently oil T not availablen even with pull up on an volt.
  10. I guess it depends on the sensor type that is used. Active sensor gives you square waves and passive ones gives sinusoid I guess
  11. I believe canH and canL should be ran through a twisted pair, and not regular straight wires. Depending on the length it may be feasible but I doubt on the stability afterwards
  12. igntion retard on tip in can be used to reduce jerkiness when applying fast a lasrge amount of throttle, and some engines are prone to knock on tip in due to pressure wave effects in the inlet, so that help reduce that too. the other way around, igntion advance on throttle closing will soften the torque decrease.
  13. I use this exact sensor in both oil and fuel pressure application. I'll check the calibration I use later today. Basically you only need to offset the start of your calibration to account the fact that it is an absolute pressure sensor and would normally show 14.5psi/1b with engine off.
  14. For the log file, use something like Google Drive. I had a similar issue on an atom ECU where there was a bug in an old firmware. Is your firmware up to date?
  15. that is already possible in the log file manager on the left. just click on it and it changes the log you are in
  16. I would say it in a simple way, that MGP (more representative of pressure difference between intake and exhaust) is the usefull value to calculate airflow values, while like you said, keeping for elevation. MAP is more related to global cylinder load, which is important for us when tuning igntion
  17. If the value shown by the gauge itself is richer and not in line with the dyno, then it has nothing to do with earth connexion issue. If the gauge itself shows same as dyno lambda but the ECU lambda value doesn't, then it can be a connexion issue or a calibration issue like Adam stated
  18. dx4picco

    Adjusting idle rpm

    If you run closed loop idle then up the Target to your desired level and if your idle was correctly tuned before, you will need to increase the base opening of either your ICV or your e-throttle. It depends on your setup. For Adam to give the best help possible you will need to post both your tune and a log of the current idle situation
  19. dx4picco

    Forum HTTPS

    I'm getting this icon issue for the longest time too
  20. You can export table and import too, so when you setup your tables so you don't need to setup each axis from trim tables
  21. I took a look, I would guess that it may be a fuel tune Issue. the map doesn't look very clean and, it can be very possible that bein N/A engine, you get a resonance at this RPM, giving a lean spot and leading to missfire. I can see that at 4200 rpm there is always a lean spike (due to missfire, or giving a missfire, can't really know). I would suggest disabling close loop fueling and taking some more time tuning the fuel map.
  22. Only the Link Thunder has the amplifier needed for EGT sensor. Meaning for any other ecu you need a "controller" like you said, that gives either 0-5v signal to the ecu, or one that give the info over CAN bus
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