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  1. that is where i am going wrong then. i cannot find how todo this
  2. i cannot see why it cannot pick up the speed sensor ? i must be doing something wrong? i have attached the map if someone could have a look to say where im going wrong? @Adamw stuart 2jz map.pclr
  3. Thanks Adam, would i be wrong then in thinking it cannot work of the speed sensor (DI1)?
  4. the gear calibration numbers in my case 1.27 is what it calibrates all my gears to. as you can see the boost is only around 20psi the gear is set to 1. when in actual fact it was 5th and 4th boost check.llg
  5. @dx4picco I thought it was all set up correctly. Unfortunately I have a problem, the calibration isn't working. If I travel in each gear the numbers always end up the same.
  6. Thank you @dx4picco. Now I understand it, I'll make some changes and try it out. Would you know how I would activate it?
  7. Hi everyone, Im playing around with the table to help with my power issue. Does this look OK? I'm trying to pull the following. 1st 100% 2nd 50% 3rd 25% 4th full boost 5th full boost 6th full boost I hope this is the way I understand this. Thanks in advance.
  8. @Adamw could I pester you guys to help me on this one. We are trying to sort out rolling launch control. Would the above still be accurate to apply? Thanks Stuart
  9. Hi guys, looking for some help around the settings for my 1jzgte vvti. I have tried to figure on the antilag setting with no success.
  10. Thanks for the help dude. Sensor turned out to be good. Traced the wiring back half way to the box and someone had put a link section in. They put the earth with the power.. As for the coolant I fitted a second sensor and run the wires direct to the dash..
  11. Nothing atal. Well I traced the wiring. The black joins another black wire which is earth for the reverse switch. I can wire it up which ever way. I think I'll pull the sensor and try it that way for sure. I did try putting power down the two different wires and testing the voltage out words. With one way I got nothing the other I got battery voltage out. Which didn't change regardless of sensor movement. I shall try the sensor out of the car and in test
  12. That's the guide I was going off. It seems backwards to me. There power wire shown is my earth. I have hooked it upto di1 and out words from aux4 as speedo out. In the speedo settings I have set it to di1 and calibration 0 as for now. I can put my aux4 to test pwm and it works perfect.
  13. I've tried doing it both ways. Tried to check for anything coming out the sensor, nothing.. Tried changing around the wires. There isn't a clear wiring diagram online. I have a 3 wire sensor Black wire earth Blue /white power Black / white signal I'm thinking I have a sensor fault.
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