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  1. I use NGK Spark Plugs Iridium IX BR8EIX type 5044. Having dug around I've seen these advertised as "5k resistor" plugs so maybe I'm flat wrong on this. Certainly not routinely called resistor plugs here abouts - are these type what you are referring too? ps any chance of CAN BUS mod details for my pre s/n 10k V44?
  2. Sorry to add another query on a slightly(!) different topic. Is it possible to get details of the CANBUS hardware mod needed for pre 10000 s/n V44 (mine is 4963). I'm an Electronics Engr so very happy to do it myself. Was thinking this would give me an option for long term logging as well as extra dash data. Many thanks Rich
  3. Strong advice! However I've never run resistor plugs and never had mis-fire problems so what is the benefit and how does it relate to my core issue? I'm running 580BHP so less spark from a resistor plug is not ideal! Did you manage to check out the log file - anything interesting? Thanks
  4. Thanks Adam. I didnt think I had a log file showing errors but looking back I have found one that is attached. There are two Trig Err events taking total to 6 in this log. The second one where count goes to 6 corresponds to a fuel cut event. I also see that the Idle Target Error goes to -1000 for a period of time which is a bit odd?? However the rpm logged looks OK. Can you see anything else to give a clue? I should also add that is was before we changed to the "correct" trig mode for my Evo 7. On resister plugs these are not recomended by my tuner so not an option to try really. Log 8-06-20 12;20;30 pm Donington Laps.zip
  5. Hi Adam An update on this. I recently had my tuner change to the correct Evo 7-9 pattern. However having run it for a while I am still seeing occasional errors that sometimes result in a ignition cut. To give you an idea the ECU stat has counted about 70 errors over 3 track days but a noticable cut has probably only happened 4 or 5 times. The sensors are quite new and my tuner looked at the crank sensor wheel and said it looked OK too. Any other ideas please? Thanks Rich
  6. Thanks Adam. Given its been working for a long time like that what would advantages be of changing? (ie better accuracy/stability/noise tolerance etc). Could this be cause of Trig Errors I've seen? I see the "Filter level" is set to 2, I couldn't find any details of the what the levels actually do so hard to know what interaction this might have too.
  7. Interesting, it is indeed an EVO7. It's always been mapped that way by an experienced mapper! What effect will that have and is it simply a case of changing the mode setting or would it need a complete remap for timing etc.
  8. Hi Adam Thanks for suggestions. I've never come across resister plugs on an EVO but I'll investigate. My garage guru has suggested changing the CAM sensor that are known to be problematic with my symptoms so I'll try that. In the mean time here is a plot of crank (top) and cam sensors at about 5k rpm. Cheers Rich
  9. Hi I'm chasing a very intermittant fuel cut which looks like its caused by RPM limit. I've found the Trig1 err Count paramater that also increases by 2 at this same point. It also increments at other times but most of the time it doesnt cause RPM Limit & Fuel cut . The max RPM recorded seems pretty consistant at 3xRPM at about 14500 rpm, ie a real 4850rpm. My logging is limited to about 100ms and since events are less than this its hard to capture. Is there any other diagnostic that might suggest whether its is the crank or cam sensor that is the problem? Or could something else cause it? My old ViPec doesnt have TriggerScope however I have put an oscilloscope on both signals and they look good, not noisy and no common edge transistions. However this issue only happens maybe once or twice a day when on a track day so again hard to capture. I'm using Mitsubishi EVO 1-6 mode. BTW another question, the RPM Limit count seems to equal the cumulative Trig1 err Count rather than the RPM limit fuel cuts I get - is that the case? Thanks
  10. What are the bit definitions for the Limit Flag Word. I'm chasing down what I think is a fuel/boost cut but only thing I can see at the moment is this flag popping up value 64 occassionally. Thanks
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