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  1. driftma

    1jz vvti tune

    Ok thanks for having a look, I'll need to keep a eye on the new tuner to make sure he does things correctly. The current tuner saw this post and lost his shit and told me to f off haha. So I'm now looking for a new capable tuner
  2. driftma

    1jz vvti tune

    Theres a quick log file with the car starting up from cold and getting up to running temps with some reving in between Storm log file.llg
  3. driftma

    1jz vvti tune

    What parameters would I need to be recording in the log for you to know what's going on? Also knock control was never activated by the tuner, would you any settings to get it up and running?
  4. driftma

    1jz vvti tune

    Thanks for the reply, that tune is actually for 95 pump fuel. I saved it as that name because I've changed the injectors to suit having more ethanol content. So the name on the file is a bit misleading. I haven't got the car retuned to suit the e20 just yet. I'll get a log of the car running tomorrow and post it in here so you can have a look. Hmm it looks like I should be trying to find myself a new tuner
  5. driftma

    1jz vvti tune

    I'm hopeful if some one could have a quick look at this tune and see does it actually look like it should, it was tuned by a tuner but the figures for inlet vvti control don't seem to add up with links help file to what they should be doing. The car also has very poor throttle response, from reving it up from idle. any help on the correct vvti table settings that I need would be very helpful, the car is fitted with hks 264 cams if that makes any difference and also if the rest of the setup looks correct. File attached below. first run on sunoco e20-R.pclr
  6. Hello, Seeing as it looking like Link ECU japan now has a PNP version of the JZX100 ECU available does that mean that there will be a base setup available in the base maps folder some time soon?
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