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  1. Came to start a thread about this but seems like im not the only one having issues. Here is what I am finding. My connections seems to drop in and out a bit BUT it happens consitantly when car is under electrical load. (it also sometimes does it in quick succession, link like on off on off, I know this as the laptop makes connected and disconnected noises). I was trying to get oil pressure while cranking & the ecu kept dropping out. I assumed this was due to continued cranking the battery was the issue. However with another battery it had the same issue. I know the ECU was running fine as it was turning on fuel pumps as I was cranking. Later I was testing my Thermofan circuit, When I tested the Thermofan the fan started up but the PClink then disconnected. The fan kept running though & PC Link wouldnt reconnect so I had to pull the Pwr on the battery. Computer is 64 bit windows 10 & Link is G4x Extreme
  2. Hi Adam. Thanks, some follow up below 1. Just to clarify, i was wondering on the electical side if there is issues with the number of sensors grounds I have going together to one pin. The splice physically I am happy with (is done through two splices with bridging wire between) but not sure if the ecu was going to be happy with so many grounds coming back from just on one pin or if the wire going from the splice to the ecu needs to be upsized since it has so many running through it. 2. Ill speak to the tuner see what his preference is 3 Cool, LS is high impedencwe and no e throttle on mine so all good. Cheers
  3. So I built the loom to the below diagram. Just wondering 3 things 1. Did i get a bit carried away and join to many sensor gnds together? I was trying to keep the body and engine grounds seperate but once i put it together i was wondering I was making issues. 2. Turns out the stock LS loom doesnt have shielded wires in it so my knock sensors are not shielded. Seems GM didnt worry about it so do I need to or should i? 3. Does it matter what pin the ground from the heads of the motor go to, as there is 4 pins but Im only using two (should i be using more also?) Cheers
  4. Thanks Adam! Big help, ill fix up the Can issue, nice to know im mostly on track
  5. Hey All, Bought an Extreme G4x last week and just want to get someone to proof read the attached diagram I edited for my application Engine is an NA ls1 using cable throttle, stock sensors plus some extra non stock sensors & Links canbus wide band setup. I am planning to use the stock loom and just remove what I dont need & generally modify to suit. Notes: - I dont mind seeing the fuel level jump around as it tells me how much I should trust it or let it stop sloshing around. - I forgot to put the writing next to the Knock sensors but I know what wires that will be. Questions - It seems the stock ecu returned the signal ground to the ecu for the coilpacks but on the diagram I found it sends it to the head, which way should I do it? - Each sensor seems to have its own signal ground to the stock ECU but Am i right in assuming with the Link I can just connect them together to a single gnd out. - What type of wire needs to be used for shielding the Knock sensors, would it be safe to assume the GM loom had this shielded wire already. - The diagram i used to build mine had the Can and Cam sensor getting 12v from battery but in the link help documents it says to use 8v & other places Ive seen say 12v so Im not sure what would be best or even if it matters. Im sure ill have more questions as I go along, but thanks for your help.
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