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  1. I printed those out as well. The spreadsheet is in addition to those pin out diagrams. I want to make sure I get it right the 1st time around. I liked the spread sheet as I can also add the central electrics panel info and share with other 928 owners.
  2. I've been going through the help files, as well as the online help. I haven't seen a comprehensive document that has the Connector Pin out's with wire color and pin numbers all in one location.... I can't really use the purple and orange ones because the contrast is just too difficult to read easily. I've attached a PDF copy of an excel spreadsheet that I'm working on for my link thunder installation and thought I would share it here. I also made some doc's with the connectors with pin out and wire color on the same page (one for each connector) in black and white.
  3. 928sg

    R8 Coil wiring

    Adam, Can you add recommendations on the wire gauge?
  4. Sensor came in and is also more compact than I expected it to be.
  5. Thanks~! I got it ordered and also got to use my summit racing $50 customer appreciation certificate.
  6. I looked at this one but it has a limitation of 50 PSI. I'm not planning on running much higher, but I don't want to run on the edge of a sensor's capabilities. I looked at this one that is rated at 100 PSI: https://www.summitracing.com/tx/parts/avm-30-2130-100/overview
  7. Thanks CJ this is exactly the info I'm looking for.
  8. I'm looking for fuel pressure sensor recommendations. I'm using a Wendon A2040 pressure regulator (up to 120 PSI) and it has a 1/8th inch -27npt female port on it for a pressure sensor. I'm looking for a recommendation based on accuracy and reliability in regards to failure rates (leaks) but also something that is relatively easy to source. Obviously I'd like it to also be compatible with the Link ECU's. It's a N/A motor. Also needs to be compatible with E85 & normal pump gas. Let the recommendations loose~!
  9. I will do that, I was also able to go through the factory schematics to determine which wires were what as well as obtain the pin out for the ABS computer. the Pin out on the abs computer shows signal and ground for the ABS sensors
  10. It's a Porsche 928. The ABS sensors are 45 tooth, and the Bosch abs sensors are: 0265001119 and 0265006141 for the front and 0265001118 for the rear. Adam thanks for the additional info on the DI 11-16. I had not seen that. I did see that the DI's had positives and negatives on the C connector. How do we tell if the ABS uses a ground circuit?
  11. I'm looking to add wheel speed inputs but not affect the factory abs. I can't be the only person that wants to have traction control and the desire to share the abs sensor with the factory abs computers. I had a chat with support about this, but I don't think they really understood what I'm trying to do. I'm looking for a healthy discussion on what others have done to accomplish this. due to the hub design I don't really have a way to mount another speed sensor on the front wheel hub. I do have a vss inside differential, that I can use for the drive wheels, but I'm leery of just
  12. CJ, Thanks again for the info. I saw the info in the help file, I don't know enough about the frequency generated per pulse and could not find any tables (that I could read). I found some good info on the MS support forums. I did notice that the 11-16 DI's were set up for the LF, LR, RF, RR in several of the samples, and now I know why. I literally sat down on the floor with my A & B harnesses in the living room, so I could familiarize myself with the pin outs. I also started a spreadsheet similar to the installer I/O table, but also adding a column for the harness and the notes.
  13. 928sg

    bench connections

    I'd like to set up my Thunder ecu to make sure it is unlocked as well as go through some of the configuration. I searched the forums & didn't find anything. Will the 14v+ and grounds from the A connector allow me to power up and access the ecu, or will I need to add the ignition input on connector C as well? Same question with the assorted grounds. Can I use just connector A? I won't be connecting any outputs or drawing current through the ecu.
  14. looks like I may use both. Speed sensor from trans (simple and I like redundant systems) and I will look into tapping into the ABS sensors as i will need that for idle control. Later 928's use one of the front abs sensors for speedometer, so I need to look at the car schematics to determine the differences.
  15. CJ, Thanks for the heads up on the chassis speed sources. My project was originally planned for the following phases: 1. Get the engine running, tuned and driveable 2. Tab into the ABS for traction control 3. Convert the factory cooling control to using the link ECU. I was planning to convert T56 17 pulse per revolution to the Porsche 8 pulses per revolution signal with a Dakota digital signal converter but it was suggested here that the Thunder could do that. I'm currently creating a spreadsheet to list all of the sensors, inputs and outputs so I'm still
  16. I should have worded it better, Ground as in sensor ground through the ecu. I stumbled across the GP speed input, after posting and it looks like that will work. I don't want to tie it to the RR or LR input because I'm planning on using traction control.
  17. I'm using the VSS from a Corvette T56. It's variable reluctance sensor with 17 pulses per revolution. The config for speedometer on the Thunder shows examples for CAN wheel speed module or a hall effect speed transducer. What is the best way to configure this? in most cases this sensor is grounded on one lead and the other sends the pulses to the speedometer. This is the first of many questions as a new owner of a Thunder ECU.
  18. 928sg

    Which ECU?

    I'm planning on buying the Thunder ECU. my updated inputs are: Cam sensor (SYNC) Flywheel Sensor (REF) Water temp Air temp ? Wideband O2 Knock Sensors (2) Speedometer ABS for traction control (TPS) Clutch engagement sensor (on/off) Air Conditioning I'm now looking at outputs for: 8 cylinder injection (sequential) 8 COP ignition Tachometer Speedometer Cooling fan control
  19. 928sg

    Which ECU?

    Adam, Thanks. engine Speed is typical 60-2 and the ABS are 45 teeth which I will be keeping. I've also thrown in a Corvette 6 speed gearbox so I have 17 pulse per revolution signal processed by a dakota digital SGI-5E converting it to the 8 pulse per revolution the Porsche speedometer is looking for. I have that taken care of but wanted to used speedometer as an input so it could be logged. So it looks like Thunder is it. I may want to go COP for ignition at some point so no sense going with Xtreme or fury. I know of a guy running an Xtreme on a stroked 928 similar to mi
  20. 928sg

    Which ECU?

    6.5 liter N/A Porsche 928 Previously was running a Motec M48 pro and tuned mostly on my own. I was running dual MAP and stock sensors for flywheel and cam. was running a stockish intake, but have upgraded to eight 50mm throttle body setup, and some hotter cams & can't really find someone to tune, and it's been about 10 years since I tuned it so I'd be learning again. If I'm going to be learning again I may as well go with something new, and link ecu's are on my radar. Current inputs: MAP (manifold) MAP (atmosphere) Cam (hall effect) sensor Flywheel Senso
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