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  1. @Adamw , In the next few days I will have to perform a G4+ installation on Renault Megane Rs with F4R engine VVT. I search on the forum but i don't find too much info about the Renault F4R engine. The engine in this car is the same as Renault Clio Rs III with camshaft and crankshaft sensor on the Intake Camshaft . In the engine Head i have the VVT Valve , 2 pin connector. The crankshaft sensor is a 2 Pin reluctor Vr sensor and the sensor con the camshaft is a 3 pin so probably Hall effect. I see in the help manual engine information , there is a few trigger instruction
  2. @Adamw i worked for the cut after blip and the best solution that i find is use a 2nd Ignition Table activated by a Virtual Aux. I try to use Virtual Aux 3 with 3 condition , 2 condition related to GearShiftStatus and the 3rd to the Aps % As GearshiftStatus i use the value 4 . I test them but don't work.. Can you test with your simulator?
  3. VtrSp1

    G4X Vs G4+

    How fast is the G4X compared to G4+ when the ecu need to validate some condition in Virtual Aux for switch to Aux? Recently I made some test and measurements on G4 + and to validate a Virtual Aux with 3 conditions linked to an Aux with other 3 conditions it takes about 10 mS. The G4X with fast Cpu need less time? Has anyone ever done this type of measurement using the internal log at full speed?
  4. Normally for this sensor I use the Std NTC Bosch Calibration from the Link sensor list
  5. @Adamw , i have a 12 V Air compressor for move the rear wing with an air actuator on a G4+ Xtreme I wired to a relay an Aux Inj 5 Output as Gp output and i have a Air pressure sensor on the reservoir wired to An5 Voltage. I want to start the compressor when the air pressure is low than 550 Kpa and Shut off then at 650 Kpa. If i set only the condition 1 less than 650 Kpa , the Air compressor re-start very fast and shut off fast. This isn't good for it...i need to have an Hysteresis from 550 kpa to 650 Kpa Can you help me on set the two condition for do that? If isn't possib
  6. VtrSp1

    Toyota 2zz-GE

    @Adamw , i do another G4X platform installation on a Lotus with 2zz-Ge and sequential Gearbox.. As trigger i set the Toyota 2NZ Vvti and i do a trigger scope.. Can you do a check? The ecu isn't unlock for now, i wait the unlock code.. TriggerScopeLog.llgx 02-start.pclx
  7. @Adamw thanks a lot for the help! Another question, can i do a Blip and after the blip a ignition cut for create a period of positive/negative torque? or i nee with a virtual aux activate a 2nd ignition table and in the 2nd ignition table i set -30 ° as ignition cut?
  8. Often in the race, i'm slow with the hand to the lever during downshift and the engine rev it up , so when i re-engage the clutch is not smooth
  9. @Adamw ok but if I set the end mode as time fixed, the Upshift is not on closed loop barrel position
  10. @Adamw , now in my car i have sequential gearbox and e-throttle with the downshift blip that end when the next gear is engaged.. There is any option for end the blip in a fixed time?
  11. VtrSp1

    EWP Control

    @Adamw , i use on a few race car with G4+ Ecu the strategy explain in this forum topic with great result Now i have the first G4x ecu Xtreme with a 2ZZ-GE Toyota for a race car and i want to translate this setting to G4X. I have do that in the calibration attached, can you take a look if is a correct setting?
  12. @Adamw i want to disengage my traction control when the non driven wheel speed is over 120 km/h..It's possible to do with a Virtual Aux or another mode?
  13. @Adamw Adam, ok if in the future will be available for G4X I can switch ecu..! at the present, can you help me in writing a few basic logic for do the upshift and downshift ?! For the downshift at the moment i think is better dab the clutch. For the upshift, i can use a condition the timer and the ignition cut percentage ? if I use the ignition cut percentage in the six condition, I can’t change gear where the cut isn’t active so probably is better only a timer condition For the neutral and Reverse barrel I can retain a little lever . My goal is install the hardware and start in a op
  14. @Adamw , i want to do a paddle shift conversion to my sequential Gearbox. I say that on actual link firmware there isn't a support for paddle shift system but , is possible to do it in a simple mode with digital input, virtual aux , timer and aux, without any type of safety strategy? The example is, now my gearbox is controlled by closed loop load cell knob and gear position sensor . So in a paddle shift conversion , i remove the lever and load cell knob replaced by 2 paddle shift, one for upshift and other for downshift. The paddle shift switch is wired to a digital input (example D
  15. @Adamw ok right so i need to set the synch tooth to 1 and with the timing light on cyl1 I search the correct trigger offset this is what the ecu need to say what cylinder is in compression stroke and run sequential
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