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  1. @Adamw ok thanks a lot.. I do a first track test and the accell pump don't work.. I have the log in the race but it's too big 60 Mb Looking at the log on the dyno, there is the same issue, i attack the dyno log I attack the calibration , do you have any advice about the accell pump not working?
  2. @Adamw Finally i do the tune on the dyno but i have a few issue.. The first is some noise on engine speed , i check the trigger value for trigger 1 and 2 , it's like as the suggested on help manual.
  3. @Adamw do you have time to send me the drawing for the knock sensor modify? ☺️
  4. @Adamw i have do a trigger scope ,the car start and run great! I have do the timing light check for the trigger offset and next i have do the test to 1cyl with -20° for see if the ignition is retarded with the timing light on 1st cyl with great result! Can you look at the scope and trigger threshold if is ok? The car have the Oem Dizzy and COP TriggerScopeLog.llgx TriggerScopeLog 5000 rpm.llgx
  5. Yes some OBD1 Honda ecu don't have the Knock sensor.. I can do this modify with flying lead to the adapter board for make the knock pin available? I'm on Italy and it's very expensive to me send the ecu to NZ
  6. is there no way to get it?
  7. @Adamw i'm ready to install a HC92X Plugin for Honda Civic 92-95 with COP , Oem distributor in a turbocharged car I can Run the COP with the oem distributor in sequential injection and direct spark? I can use a Knock Sensor? I don't find information about that.
  8. @Adamw the tune is attached in the previous message the engine is the Renault F4R that I have modified the crank wheel to a 60-2. The crank sensor is a Vr reluctor and the cam sensor is hall effect! Yes I can do a trigger scope !
  9. @Adamw , i have an issue with the customer race car.. Often in the race, the Engine speed read from ecu spike to 15000 or more rpm or strange value and the ecu cut This appera often at 3000 rpm when i do a wot and after a wot when at 6200 rpm i left the foot from the throttle I have try to change the filter noise on trigger 1 and trigger 2 from level 1 to 2 and next to level 3 but this not help It's a trigger 1 noise issue?
  10. @Adamw i have modified the crank tooth, set as 60-2 trigger reluctor and cam trigger level hall effect and 276° offset the car start and run perfect! After this i check with individual ignition table for cyl 1 and timing light on cyl 1 if with -10 ° in the Ign trim table 1 the timing light show the retard and it work great! I have change the VVT offset from the suggested 60° (but not verified) in the help manual to 28° to match at idle the 0 degree in the table. Next i have check at 10 , 20 , 30 ° ,40° and the Real angle compared to target is very good! Dyno the engine and 380 Whp , it's a F4R Turbo with Garrett G25-550 I attach the log from the dyno and the calibration, if you can take a look in the trigger for see if is all ok.. - In the car i have the AIM MXS 1.2 with some data , but it's possible to receive from aim the GPS Speed for log them on LinkEcu?
  11. @Adamw Ok cam level synch mode and timing light for check everythink work ok?
  12. @Adamw , ok so i need to modify the crank wheel as in the information provided in the help manual ? And for the trigger 2 setting i can use cam pulse 1 X and next use the timing light for do the job? @Adamw a configuration like this can work?
  13. @Adamw do you have any input for solve this issue? if I modify the crank wheel to a normal 60-2 and modify the cam wheel removing a few tooth and left only one I can set the trigger as 60-2 with cam pulse 1x ? in this configuration the VVT work?
  14. @Adamw it run on 4 cyl perfect! I use the throttle and the engine run perfect, idle stable at 4 cyl! I have check and the camshaft are oem Renault F4R Clio 3 VVt with oem trigger wheel on them . - I take a look at the oscilloscope and the gap in the crankwheel is near the sensor when one camshaft tooth is in front of the sensor..this can cause the not synch on Clio 3 VVT trigger? - In the log with the cam sensor connected and engine running, the VVT work but with a target of 12 ° on the table, the cam is at 25° about... i need to change the Offset VVT? - This Sunday the car need to race in a track event, so I can use the Clio 2 trigger with cam sensor connected for VVT , check the timing with the timing light , tune them on the dyno and race?
  15. @Adamw yes it start and often start with the cam sensor connected Attached the calibration used and the log with engine running at idle And yes it start about 50% of time!
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