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  1. So STP and ELS(Electric load switch) are just DI's. Factory ELS is a idle up not sure but i also think STP is one also, If you have closed loop idle on and tuned right in open loop you don't really need either. but if you want to use them you can. if you are running E-throttle, you would need STP for cruise control cancel.
  2. Sweet. Thanks Adam! would have to send the unit in for AUX 9&10 still? or did they change that for the G4X plug in board and the text stayed the same in the manuals ?
  3. Hi, im currently repurposing a TST205X to a 2zz-ge and was wondering if the Pin 27 (G-). is actual ground or sensor ground?. i know Toyota typically isolates and shares the trigger grounds together. Just wanted some clarity on that. Case use is for the crank (Trigger 1) and cam (Trigger. 2) grounds. Edit: Also if i am using VVT for Aux 1 can i still use the E-Throttle external controller in another pin?
  4. Ok ill give it a try with that recommended stream and tinker Thanks Adam!
  5. OK, i know the bit rate is 500kbit/s Once it's all powered if the stream isn't right would the fault show in the runtime ?
  6. Working on calibration setup and still in a learning curve for CAN. So retrofitted to the car is a Toyota Yaris EPAS. Currently the EPAS ECU need VSS from 0-5V and RPM signal thru CAN to start assist when engine is turned on. I currently have the VSS wired to it but now i need to get the Engine speed stream going VIA CAN. Ive looked at the CAN ID but not sure how to program it. http://opengarages.org/index.php/Toyota_CAN_ID CAN ID (Decimal) CAN ID (Hex) Data Length Description Rate (seconds) Notes
  7. im gonna give that a try! Thanks Adam ..... person question do you ever sleep !! LOL
  8. I added 30% to the VE on table 2 (not in the calibration attached but as a test) and it seem to correct it but maxed out VE map. i think its incorrect injector data but not sure.
  9. Sorry about that. So if you look at the fuel table 2 its almost maxing out on the high end, if i were to add 30% it would be maxed out. i compared the injector PW from 91 log and e85 log and it went from 1.2ms to 1.6ms around 2740rpm -2.5 psi map pressure. thats where i got the 10% from I'm looking over the data and seems right, unless i entered something wrong somewhere. I attached the AEM Template. Is it possible to show rotary switch position also ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0q14x38npgygjqw/aemcd7 link G4plus r32 gtr oil pressure works fixing speed .aemcd7?dl=0
  10. Running a RB26 with ID2000, 91 map is tuned but when multi-fuel was turned on for ethanol. Car ran lean and VE table is maxed out if 30% could be added. only seen about 10% fuel added, so a little confused if there is maybe a over looked step or computer not responding. Side Note : Also want to stream Ethanol content to AEM CD-5 R32 ryan twin pump e85.pclr e85 log.llg
  11. Is there a way to allow the knock threshold to be raised when switching over to a high cam. The 2zz-ge is pretty noise heavy when switching over. sometimes it registers as knock, would i have to mess with window start ? would be nice if there was a High-cam windowing when activated.
  12. Would it be possible to maybe have a CANBUS bluetooth or wifi streamer peripheral, for maybe a link branded app to data log on course. I know the Kiwi is there,Also fetching data logs after each session. but would like to data log the more important things or even all streams at the 1Mb/s rate. in a nutshell a more affordable AIM solo 2 DL but on a phone app with higher data rates.
  13. That was one of my concerns. in the past on a log it showed a 30PSI MGP on a track session but the charger cant go past 10psi. Thanks Adam !
  14. Im having a intermitted problem i've been trying to trace. Where the car leans out at cruising speed or stalls out on decel, also during regular driving acceleration i will have a loss of throttle response as if TPS failed but log's show voltage is fine. i see closed loop adding fuel but hits a max clamp, I've even set it to the limit of 40% and still wants to stall from going lean. but if i do a aggressive pull to WOT everything is fine. As of now the problem exist only on E85 i have yet to check 91 fuel. and recently just started, tune has been running for 3-4 months solid and 5-6 very hot t
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