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  1. The engine light isn't currently working as it should. The battery light is, there's a sample map on another post on here with the all the can stuff I have, made by Adam
  2. Just an update on this thread that I've learned about. The odometer doesn't count up distance covered. Apparently there’s a counter coming from the stock ECU to do the odometer, plus another message the ECU sends out to configure the ABS. The message differs depending on region though (UK, Aus, and USA are all different).
  3. Has anyone got the can Id's to turn off abs, traction, immobiliser light and rev shift beep? I'm running a link thunder ecu. Have everything else working. Thanks
  4. Ooh, do you happen to know which wire? That'll be the easiest way. Yes stock ecu still connected for now so my gauge cluster works, but I want to remove it and use the link to control the dash. I found the can protocols on here from Adam in another thread
  5. Thank you Littlefeck. So when my car wouldn't crank the immobiliser light was flashing. I plugged the stock rx8 ecu back in minus the can hi/lo wires. Still no crank, immobiliser light flashing. Reconnected can hi/lo wires and it ran 2004 UK model rhd
  6. So I've copied everything can over into my thunder to get the rx8 dash to work. I cut the OE can wires at the rx8 ecu and connected the thunder can wires there. Trouble is now the stock immobiliser won't turn off. Is there a way the thunder can tell the car it's okay to de-immobilise? Or is it a case of just rewiring the key/starter solenoid? Sorry, CAN newbie here
  7. Hi all! I've noticed on my vvti 1jz that the coolant figures are reading higher than they are. Does anyone have the values so I can configure it? Link thunder
  8. I will, I'm at the point of trying anything. I visually inspected the connectors and the wiring and they all look good. I've got two eps ecu's that I've tried. Using my toucan I've been turning the car on and off as I'm driving to get the steering assist to work. Coolant temp was showing 80'c for the assist to work. I may try and make something to cover the eps ecu up, as its currently bolted to the chassis on spacers. Like I said in an earlier post the foam air filter used to sit over it before I deleted the maf sensor.
  9. I have 13.6 ohms between C and b from cold and 14 ohms between a & b at the eps ecu 13.6ohms on both a&b and b&c at the rack It's between 12 and 15 ohms so all within spec
  10. Sorry to open an old post up, littlefeck did you use the link to control the factory PAS ecu?
  11. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look and see what it is. I connected a code reader and checked the values of the torque sensor when turning the wheel from cold and they were within spec. I didn't think to get the multimeter out. The odd thing is that when I had the stock 1jz ecu connected to engine it doesn't do it. I will investigate. I'm just thinking the only other thing that's different now is I've removed the jz maf sensor. That's pushed the air filter back a few inches so it's not sat over the pas ecu anymore.
  12. One thing I've noticed recently, If I start the car up from cold the pas fault is present. If I let the car get up to temperature and turn it off and start it up again, the fault has gone and the pas works??
  13. Yes. The rx8 trigger wheel and sensors are on the jz engine along with coolant temp and oil pressure.
  14. Hi Adam. Thanks for the reply. Yes it currently has the stock rx8 ecu in place controlling the dash etc. I've got the thunder wires run to where the stock ecu is with a view for the thunder to control the dash. I've got the can file example you uploaded in another thread loaded on the laptop ready to put it. Will it need more can information for the pas ecu?
  15. Hi all. I've just put a thunder in my rx8 running a 1jz vvti. I've had the car running on stock jz management with an emanage blue for a year now without any issues. I've swapped to the thunder for obvious reasons. The car side of things is currently still as it always has been. Since installing the thunder my electric power steering fails and throws up a B2278 code. Torque sensor malfunction. I can see in the live data its operating within range. Sometimes it starts up fault free, most times it throws this code. Anyone else encounter this?
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