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    Rpm limiter

    Yeah those settings are a bit wacky. For an RPM limit you probably want to start with something like 60% cut and end at 90% cut across a control range of something like 200 rpm. If you set the cut effect to constant instead of adaptive you will have a much faster cut effect but it's harder on the valvetrain especially as it doesn't share the cut between cylinders so be careful, especially on engines that don't like aggressive cuts.
  2. Ok, thanks Adam. All done with the ECU side, just need to make the coil harness now. As a note, I really wish the Link manual had better documentation. Understanding the differences between the models is critical when working with a 'multi-fit' ECU type. I'd wager you'd get a lot less support posts and contact if the manual had clearer tables and specific pinout / wiring info pertaining to each model the plug-in is supposed to work with so the end user could refer to the section for their specific application. You guys are fantastic online and on the phone, it would be good to try and lower th
  3. Thanks Adam. My factory ECU has no wire at Pin 20. This agrees with the online pinout for the Evo 7 harness. It has wiring at Pins 19 (air flow reset) and 21 (rad fan speed), whereas the Link manual shows NC for Pin 19 and IGN4 at Pin 20. This isn't correct, at least for my vehicle and other evo 7's. So it would seem that only Pins 32 and 34 are related to the AC Fan (Engine Fan 3)? Given I have no wire at PIN20, and I will move Pin 32 and Pin 34 to IGN7 on the expansion harness, should I wire IGN4 for the 4th coil trigger to pin 20, 32, or 34?
  4. Hi again, I am converting my evo 7 to sequential ignition. I know I need to reassign IGN3 and IGN 4 to ignition type, which means the AC Clutch (Pin 22) and AC Fan Hi (Pin 32) and AC Fan Low (Pin 34) need to be moved to other IGN channels. I elected to use IGN5 for the AC Clutch and IGN7 (expansion harness 1) for the AC Fan. Since I have deleted the FPR Solenoid (Pin 3) and SAS solenoid (Pin 53), I am repurposing those wires to act as my IGN triggers since they're already run in the harness and would otherwise be redundant. My first question is IGN5 is OFF in the tune file as default and
  5. Yes, I had a 2 part question, one part is what I would like to do next in terms of fuel pump configuration, the other (the question you just answered) was for my own interest about how the default setup operated, since when you select FP Speed, unlike GP Output, there are no conditions to determine its operation. Thanks again.
  6. Can't you just add it in? I added some parameters that the Generic dash didn't have to send to my Plex display. Unless the issue is you cannot configure the Haltech end?
  7. Thanks very much for the explanation Adam. So just to confirm, my question “What is the trigger for cutting over to the speed relay from the normal relay? The stock ECU has a configurable load value to achieve this. Are these outputs configurable somehow? ” is this hard coded in somewhere and not configurable when FP SPEED is selected as the function?
  8. Hi, forgive me if this is covered somewhere but I’ve not found it. The stock evo ECU uses a two voltage relay setup for the fuel pump. The trigger for the second high voltage relay is load based. The LinkG4+ seems to have two aux output to trigger the fuel pump relay, FP Relay and FP Speed Relay. What is the trigger for cutting over to the speed relay from the normal relay? The stock ECU has a configurable load value to achieve this. Are these outputs configurable somehow? I want to potentially delete the 2-speed mode and use the FP relay output to drive the in-tank pump and the FP Sp
  9. Thanks gents, much appreciated. I’ll delete the FPR solenoid and rewire pin 9 to an AUX configured for purge.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone can assist with this. The stock Evo ecu triggers this solenoid to open under certain conditions (I believe it to be on cruise) allowing the intake manifold vacuum to pull tank fuel vapour into the intake manifold. The solenoid is closed under other driving conditions. There is also a check-valve between the solenoid and the evap canister in the engine bay (JDM vehicle). It is labelled Evapourative Emission Purge Solenoid in the attached diagram. Does the Link G4+ PNP ecu also have logic to control this solenoid in the same way as OEM? I am installing an aftermar
  11. @kool021 Not sure why pin 30 and 31 are both marked Ign4. Perhaps @Adamw can shed some light on that one. To use your Ign3 and 4 as sequential coil triggers as Adam said you need to use 2 aux channels to trigger the consensor fan and the fuel pump.
  12. Cool, will check this out thankyou
  13. Download the manual PDF man, there's a pinout guide in there for you to refer to. http://linkecu.com/documentation/EVO9+.pdf
  14. All sorted and programmed, I just created a new channel and set up the extra parameters I needed that were not contained within the generic dash stream. Thanks again @Adamw
  15. Thank you so much Adam, that’s really fantastic and clears up my questions. I’ll work through developing my own and see how I go now.
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