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  1. Hey again Adam, Thank you for your help so far, you are a legend! I haven't checked the base timing yet but I have confirmed the injectors and coils are wired correctly. I did assume they were given that it is a stock Outback harness, lol. I also completed a better trigger scope for your perusal. Cheers mate!
  2. I promise I read that. Haha. Whoops.
  3. Hey man, As far as I understand re: MAP sensor, you can replace your existing MAP sensor with a new one using the same wiring (obviously, make sure the Vin, gnd and Vout are wired correctly, lol).
  4. That's good news! Haven't been nearby the car for a minute so haven't managed to have a tinker. I'll redo the trigger scope when I can and check the base timing. I found that the map has ignition outputs 5 and 6 set to "tacho" and "off" respectively, whereas injection outputs 5 and 6 are set to "engine fan 1" and "IC spray" respectively, also. Will these be corrected on the ECU when it gets turned over? Again, I'll have another look when I'm nearby Cheers mate, Tim P.S. some questions may seem a bit low IQ, I do apologize
  5. Howdy howdy, we're back again. Made a couple log files, it didn't fire and the trigger scope looked... weird. I logged the standard running parameters and the trigger scope. NOTE: engine temp was high as I had driven the car recently with the stock ECU. IAT sensor appears to be faulty. ez30logfile.llg Trigger Scope Log 2021-01-3 8;36;04 pm.llg After checking the trigger scopes, it didn't seem to capture anything. Hmm. I'll have to try again.
  6. You are an absolute gun! I'll load it up after the holidays, got a bit on for the moment! I've set up the trigger scopes just so we can log it by default to see what it does, if it starts first go or otherwise. I think these engines are also down one cam position sensor, so we may need to offset that. Otherwise, I believe the crank trigger pattern to be the same as the 2nd gen EZ30'R'. Cheers mate and happy holidays to you!
  7. Oh, quick note here, I listed the incorrect ECU. It's a WRXLink V7-9, it's a 5 plug unit. Sorry about that! Also, I attached the relevant wiring diagram which is essentially the body harness from an 01-03 Outback H6 (which mine has) incase you need any reference. If I can help any other way, let me know! EZ30-diagram-from-rhino (1).pdf
  8. Thank you hugely sir! This one has the cast intake with the cable throttle body, no AVCS or AVLS on these engines, either.
  9. Hey guys, I have a Link G4+ plug in (WRX107) for my H6 swapped and turbocharged Subaru Liberty, and I’m wondering if anyone has a functional base map for it so that I can get the car started and assign some sensors etc before sending it to my tuner to make his life a bit easier. For reference, it still has a stock fuel system with the 260~cc injectors but I’m adding a flex sensor, boost controller etc. Please let me know if you need any additional info Huge thanks all!
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