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  1. 1990 Eagle Talon with VR4 PNP, running E85 and 2200cc injectors. Car refuses to rev past 7k under load. Car can free rev to my set 8100 rpm limit. Under load the car feels like it is hitting soft cut and the car just back fires. Have thrown in 4 different sets of spark plugs gapped all the way down to .18 and no difference has been made. The car has no boost or vacuum leaks. It holds 26 psi strong all day. Fuel pressure is being logged and rising 1:1 with boost so fuel is not an issue. The stock ignitions on these cars can easily handle 700+ hp and 40+ pounds of boost. At 20psi thi
  2. Went through and checked the wiring. For some reason the company that originally wired the car pulled the power and ground from the OEM maf wires but was using the an5 narrowband signal wire for the map sensor. Switched the map sensor to an5 and it's all working now. Thanks for everyone's help.
  3. Hello, I am having a persistent issue with my MAP sensor reading on my 1990 Eagle Talon. I have tested 2 confirmed working AEM 5 bar sensors. We have checked the wiring a have confirmed 5 volts and have a good ground with a multimeter and test light. I am getting a consistent fault code 14 for an error low value. When the error low value is set to 0.00 from the default 0.05V the car will refuse to start and run. With the error low value set to 0.05v the sensor will show 1.00v in the runtime values menu and MAP (psi) of 14.5 and a MGP of 0.00. With the car running these values do
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