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  1. koracing

    Rich misfires?

    Typically a misfire will show as a lean spike or overall leaner running average than reality. I've had cars run on dyno so rich they did misfire, and the AFR looked like it was spot on, lol. I removed 15% fuel and the afr read richer without misfiring. Rich misfire sounds like a limiter being applied usually. I would guess you're more likely having a trigger threshold error. What is the arming voltage (logged) versus actual trigger1/2 values at that rpm? Can you run a trigger test at the rpm where that was happening?
  2. I would suggest a new thread as this isn't the same issue we are discussing here. The issue at hand in this thread is the reliable connectivity while engine is off, but disconnecting while running.
  3. What did you end up doing to get the CEL working?
  4. Ok I tried again and it will install every version up to 6.18.32 - 6.18.44 or 6.19.65 give the "not a valid win32 application" error.
  5. I'm getting an error trying to install the 6.19.65 software on my xp laptop - it says it is not 32 bit compatible (which my laptop is) when I try to run the install. Am I SOL?
  6. Yes Aux 14, 15, or 16 will be ground switching so can trigger your relay ground terminal just fine. You would assign a GP output to that Aux and then set up the parameters that you desire whether it's a particular duty cycle on the injectors, or at a specific psi. You'll want an off delay so you don't end up hitting that threshold and having it trigger the relay off and on quickly or create a hysteresis value in the logic so that once it switches on (at say 7psi) it won't switch off until it falls below a lower boost level (say 5psi). Let me know if you need help getting that sorted out.
  7. Out of curiosity - are these tunes set to startup prime injection at key-on or with start signal?
  8. It would be nice to be able to bound the max and min duty for idle control (3 wire pwm in particular) to vary either by some amount above and below the base position, or by a coolant or possibly other axis variable. It sometimes has been a bit of a hassle to get the idle, return to idle, startup, etc. all to work as smooth as I would like (granted most of the cars I'm using these on are 30 +/- years old now), and it just seems like this would aid in dialing this in a little quicker.
  9. There should not *need* to be a list of notebooks that work with G4X unless link plans to do nothing to address the issue completely. I myself have tried 3-4 different laptops and PCs without any change on the car I have here. My usual laptop is a HP Probook 650 G1 (I have 3 of these laptops), my old laptop is a Dell E5500 Latitude (on windows 10), a Lenovo owned by Jason from LinkECU was tried, and my desktop tower is a Dell. I've had two cars same model, same motors, one has this issue and one does not. I do have another old E5500 on windows XP I may try later on today. Yesterday I f
  10. Fromt he help menu: Tooth Count This setting sets the number of teeth on the cam trigger that the ecu will look for, this value is filled out automatically when the Cam Angle Test Calibrate function is run. If memory serves me the Vanos defaults to the maximum retard position when no duty is applied to the solenoid, therefore I would think the pressure output would be to advance the cam, and the bleed would be to retard the cam. I don't know that for certain, but it seems to make sense to me.
  11. Yeah I guess I did think it was automagically adjusting the PID settings. In the VVT tunes I've done so far the PID is set to default and so far has worked fine - but I can see possibly needing to adjust the PID settings in the case where the target and measured angles aren't tracking well.
  12. If you are trying to log it I would assume you would have to do something with a Math block and Inj Actual PW, Inj Effective PW, and Injector dead time to glean the short pulse width adder being currently applied.
  13. In G4X the settings are in the VVT control tab for VVT Setup and then under Inlet Bank 1 to assign outputs for the pressure and bleed solenoid. I just guessed at settings and aux assignements - I think pressure would be advance and bleed would be retard? Also the 50Hz I guessed at based on the help menu engine specific information for S52 dual vanos. Your trying to use GP PWM outputs to try and accomplish this won't work. Then you would log VVT Inlet Target 1, and Cam Angle #1 I believe to see how closesly they follow one another while calibrating. Calibrating is as simple as eit
  14. What is the part number of the ecu you have? According to what I can find online for pinouts, I can't find any that show any pin on 40.
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