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  1. Thanks Adamw. I will try it again.
  2. Hi Adamw Any luck from your side?
  3. Hi Adamw Please see the attached file, thanks.OBD issue.pclr
  4. Yes, I have set both of them in the PCLINK software, I also try another brand OBD2 gauge or Bluetooth OBD2 adapter with APP but nothing help.
  5. Hi Dose any one can help me to solve the OBD2 Vehicle speed problem? I have an OBD2 gauge and it can display most parameters from Link G4+ ,but vehicle speed was not outputted to OBD2 gauge. I use a DI to be my driven wheel speed source and the speed can display in my PCLink software, is there any way can output speed to my OBD2 gauge? Thanks.
  6. thanks dx4picco, I got it.
  7. Hi I have a AN temp wiring question need your help. I want to wire a NTC sensor to AN temp 3 (EVO4-8 plug-in G4+) Should I need a external 1K omega pull-up resistor? Because AN Temp 1 can choose internal pull-up resistor in the software, but there is no pull-up resistor pop-up menu in AN Temp3. Thanks.
  8. Hi Confused. Thanks for your reply. so do you mean the knock value in the GP output condition is the "Knock level value" ? it's is not a ideal condition to trigger knock light as your description above.
  9. Hi, I would like to using an Aux out channel to trigger my knock alarm light, I hope it can be triggered once knock occur. I see there is a Knock value condition in the GP output parameters. Does anyone know the definition of the knock value in the GP out? or are there any way to set a LED lamp to be knock alarm light? thanks.
  10. Hi Adamw, Got it, I will try to update my firmware. Thanks for your kindly help.
  11. Hi Adamw Could you please help me to find the CLL 3D trim tables? I can't find it. please see my attached picture. Thanks.
  12. thanks Adamw and Confused. It's very helpful. Could you guide me to active "3D trim tables" ? I can't find where it is.
  13. thanks, Confused. I have good tuned and I running full time closed loop due to the compensation may not very accuracy. So far, I running full time closed loop very well, the max correction percentage is always less than 3%. I just not sure about it, if the O2 sensor damage during hevy loading (WOT and high boost), is it will give me a wrong AFR value and trim my fuel to the wrong volume then kill my engine? Or are there any fail safe for it?
  14. Hi, there Is anyone running full time closed loop for your link G4+? I wondering is there any fail-safe for it once O2 sensor damage? will it kill my engine since the incorrect fuel compensation? Any suggestion about it? Thanks.
  15. Hi Adamw Got it. Very thanks for your kindly help.
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