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  1. can i just run a wire from the alternator as it’s real close to vct plug or tap into the 12v cas wire which is also close
  2. cheers guys. i have run the ground to one of the aux outs on the g3 and can i just run a 12v wire to the + wire? as the existing wire is dead. thanks once again
  3. thanks simon that was very help full. why don’t i have power at the vct plug? do i need to run one to it from another source? last time i checked i swear there was power at one of the wires but now i have nothing.
  4. rb25det s1 what wire at the ecu do i need to tap into to get vct working? i have link g3 with rb adapter box and i’ve been told to run the vct to an aux out on the link? but not sure what wire is the vct at the blue plug cheers
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