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  1. Hi Adam, i ran a trigger scope and will attach this afternoon. I changed the offset and it fired right up. I still need to check timing with it locked. I will check and send a copy of the trigger scope. Thank you!
  2. Hi Adam, yes sir. These turn off when the ECU is online. I went in an disabled ECU hold power.
  3. Hi all, I have installed a storm ecu on a 1jzgte non-vvti engine. I have a wiring specialties pro harness with a interface harness. I am currently working on a start up/base map and i am running into a non-start issue. I have tested the injectors and coils and all work correctly in test mode, but i am not getting spark while cranking. I have looked up the trigger parameters in the help section and have put in the desired trigger settings for trigger 1 & 2, (trigger 2 VVT set to OFF). I also noticed i am not registering a engine speed either, so i assume my trigger
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