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  1. Dom

    Injector Drive

    So if the ECU is off it connects all injector deives to ground as this is its power-off state? And when the ECU is active it deactivates the injector gnds? We wired it with a main relay. The ECU is switched on and all of the 4 injectors are opened constantly. Both the 12v supply and the supply to the ecu are switched by the same relay. --> injector test is not possible as they are opened constantly. Br Dom
  2. Dom

    Injector Drive

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum, so let me introduce myself: I am an automotive engineer form Austria. Currently a friend of mine and I are wiring up his stockcar with a Thunder ECU which is about 2.5 years old Thunder (sorry I currently do not have the S/N with me). We wired the injectors like they are supposed to be wired and as soon as we plug them in, they are triggered and fully opened, altough the engines is stopped. What could be a possible fault for this? Thank in advance, BR Dominik
  3. Dom

    PC Logging

    Of course. It had some parameters that could be logged. I just wanted another parameter logged, and it stated "no data". I went into the logged parameters list and checkt vor the parameter I wanted to log. I tried to erase all parameters out of the list. No change in selectable parameters for the time plot. We made a firmaware update to the latest firmware and latest PC Link software. After that, the ECU had no parameters that could be logged in a time plot (same as the logged parameter list stated). This is the current state. No matter what I do to the logged parameters list, the E
  4. Dom

    PC Logging

    Hi Guys! I am new to the forum, my name is Dominik, and I am from Austria. I´m running a G4+ Thunder, but I have troubles setting up the PC Logging function correctly. I want to have a time plot, but there is no logged parameter. When I navigate to Logging Setup, and pull some parameters to the logged parameter list, nothing changes. The ECU still does not provide data because there are no logged parameters, even after a power cycle. But pulling any parameter into a dial gauge works well. What do I overlook here? Thanks for helping! BR, Dom
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