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  1. It seems that it was cured when I replaced it with a used pulley. It is fuck that Toyota does not supply the O-ring See you guys I think it was good with ITB because it allowed crazy valve timing. pasta
  2. adamw Thank you for your reply Your accurate ability to analyze is really amazing I compared it with old log data Was very chasing the VVTtarget Something seems to be broken Currently, Posh's numbers are very large I will remove the timing belt from now on and check the pulley I'll report again Everyone respects Use google translation pasta Is the pulley moving freely due to inertia?Is the solenoid open and holding it?Let's check
  3. hi all I use google translation I have 3SGE beams on an old Corolla It worked very well at ITB Thinking of making it turbo first welded the flange to the stock intake manifold.Because my ECU is a monsoon, stock DBW cannot be used. In preparation I am adjusting with a single throttle without boost I have a problem Vehicle sways where load is very low(TP10%hold) It will rotate smoothly when the load is high. Is this a misfire? Are the trigger settings incorrect? I feel the cranking at the start is a little long Please lend your kno
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