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  1. Interesting on the Supra pump losing fuel pressure. I’ll keep that in mind now. I guess I should find some AN fittings and AN lines to fit my afpr to see if I get the same fuel pressure drop. I do like the function of the factory variable voltage to the pump, I just don’t have that option anymore.
  2. Wow I guess today was the right time to come back to my old thread. So I have found the issue to the voltage drop to the ecu finally. First I’ll make a reply, solution will be at the end. KORacing, I was able to test out and even replace (with new wires and pins), the +B & +B1. Same result. There was the voltage drop to those 2 pins and the BATT pin. The switched 12V you’re referring to is the IE2 connected / circuit, I’ve gone ahead and make another new line for that as well, and also having part of it splice off to power the IGN relay. Same result. For the less t
  3. Welcome back to my own thread. So I've already tested and tried a new power circuit that I've built to power the ecu and i still get the same results. battery > AM2 7.5 fuse > fuse box - EFI 15A fuse (Measured 13.5) > Split 2 way: 1) BATT pin on ecu / Pin 60 on Link Pnp (Measured ~13.5V) 2)EFI Relay > Split 2 way: 1) Circuit opening relay to power fuel pump + giving ECU its power source (Measured ~12.7V - ~12.9V average) 2) Into separate connector to power up EBC, TVIS, IACV/ISC Valve, then lastly ending at the
  4. I have my suspicions on that as well. main power from battery goes like this.. battery > am2 40A fuse > engine bay fuse box > 15A efi fuse . *provided picture shows the rest of the diagram* I’ll check that circuit if I have a chance this weekend. Thanks for checking your st205, so I am really having issues then. *facepalms* i wasn’t having any problems at all with the factory ecu and all that. But I guess this is the headache I’ll get for wanting to go a bit faster lol I have back up Circuit Opening, EFI, and Ignition Relay just in case it
  5. Hello everyone, so i might be overlooking this but what's suppose to be the normal voltage to ecu for PIN 71 +14V?? My tuner told me that my the g4+ plugin was not seeing a good amount of voltage so he had made a jumper wire from the alternator positive post straight into the (B) Pin 71 thus ECU getting 14V, and had continued tuning my car like that. I eventually had to take that jumper wire off bc it would leave the ecu activated and drain the battery even after I would turn off the car bc it's straight powered from the battery. Right now I only see ~12.8V to the ecu. With car
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