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  1. LINK Fury G4+ Gm based Iac, after about 20mins of driving the iac seems to lose "home" Rev hang always occurs from this point on for a good 30secs then drops to idle. Has anyone come across this and sorted it out? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, Have a Link Fury ECU. Lambda sensor was working fine for a couple weeks then all of a sudden kepted either having error 16 : heated too long and now randomly whuile driving for 5, 10 or so mins it pops up with Error 40 : IPE or APE. Re went over all the wiring, gave it a new power source direct from a relay on its own and this still happens. Have included a log, ignore how bad the map was as this was the first drive after upgrading to 2200cc from 1000's. Haven't had a chance to redo the map as the Lambda sensor keeps conking out mid drive or sometimes not heating up from the
  3. Sorry didn't get a notification for this. Ah okay sweet, I haven't even touched the based position table as I didn't understand it, I'll do some research tonight and have a play around with it tomorrow. Yeah Ecu Hold Power works perfect everytime, laptop always stays connected for the 10secs after igntion off, then ecu turns off and laptop disconnects. Cheers
  4. Hey guys sorry to bother you all again with my "newbie" tuning abilities.. Have started road tuning and logging and all is going well apart from speedo not working/calbirated, goes off the dial by approx 15kmp/h (doesnt phase me so much) But mainly that I am having an issue with "Rev Hang", whenever I clutch in the idle stays at around 2000rpm, or if below 2000rpm already it will raise to there for about 10-15 secs then seems to drop down to normal idle range. Also while coasting with 0 tps input if around the 2000rpm mark it will hold rpm there and keep the car driving forward. I have a
  5. Sorry forgot to reply, that was once again exactly my problem! Cheers!
  6. Got it all running! Setting offset angle isnt working as it should but ill suss that out after the weekend haha Cheers for the help again Adam, I appreciate it!
  7. Awesome, thankyou! Ignition cut has stopped and trig error codes are no longer coming up aswell. May plug fuel pump back in and try start it Cheers
  8. Okay cheers, appreciate the help! I have attached my tune file and the trigger scope. G4+ Fury VY V6 Turbo Map.pclr Trigger Scope Log 2020-05-21 1;40;07 pm.llg
  9. Ah okay that makes sense I get a rpm reading, trig 1 & ² have a signal Trig 1 error count fluctuates between 1,2 and 3 Ign cut says 92% Cheers
  10. Ahhh sorry I understand what you mean now, have wired it to a aux 10 and all is working good now. Yes have a 4wire iac stepper motor, next issue Im having is finding out how to turn injection and ignition on so I can start the car and set base timing and angle offset. Have browsed forums and no one seems to mention it. Mine are all assigned correctly yet show them off even while cranking
  11. Update, depinned everything except power, ground, ecu hold power and DI igniton switch. Still happened. Found the injector relay I put in was clicking aswell Disconnected pin 87, still happened, disconnected pin 30 still happened The disconnected 85 and 86 and finally it stopped, ecu turning off as it should after the 10sec. Will repon everything tomoz and hope it all works as should, and then replace relay or check my wiring for injectors whichever is the issue.
  12. Its definitely wired to inj 7 as the fury only has 6 ign drives and the car is a 6cyl so all are used. The wiring diagram said to use a injection channel aswell Have changed the rest of the relays to also have the coil grounded through a relay controlled by ignition so that has stopped all those clicking there heads off. Just have the main relay still clicking and 12v still on pin 87 Cheers
  13. Hey guys Have wired a standalone Link G4+ into my car with Ecu Hold Power, that all works correct. Issue I am having is when the ecu hold power shuts off all the relays connected to the ecu in some way all constantly switch on and off (sounds like a machine gun). I have wired it exactly as the schematics show and also have no 12v direct feeds, all are fed from a relay that gets power to the coil pin 86 or 85 from the Main Ecu relay from pin 87. Ecu hold power on inj 7, that runs to pin 85 providing a ground, pin 86 has constant 12v, pin 30 has constant 12v Pin 8
  14. Any chance someone can send me a base map for a Ecotec or L67?
  15. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has a Base Map or any map at all for a V6 Commodore with an Ecotec motor. Cheers
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