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  1. Thanks for the advice I will do some research and set some extra conditions .
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm new and finding my way and this forum is very useful.
  3. Hi Brad, Yes on push it turns green - Active. I have Aux 3 - Air Shifter Valve set on Shift Light PVM, While testing On/ Off it activate.
  4. Hi Simon, I'm trying to set it up. DI4 is my trigger button, A3 is my Air Shifter Valve. I expect when trigger DI4 that A3 will activate. That is not the case, not sure what I'm doing n wrong. Is it something you can see in my file? PCLink G4+ STORM-20190302-GSXR1000-NITROUS-2020.pclr
  5. I want to to shift from gear using my horn button, it must kill the engine and up shift the poke. When I press on my horn button I can see the in the Storm ECU the Digital Input 4 turning green. But the poke is not working and also not killing the engine. Is there a diagram how to wire it correctly?
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