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  1. Hi just a quick question wondering how you can change your aux outputs. Gonna probably try plugging in to my link for the first time today and have never used it so dont know what to do really but would like to just go in and change one of the aux outputs to rpm so I can setup my tach. If it makes any difference I've got a g4+ atom. Thanks
  2. To be quite honest I dont know a thing about this "aux" thing. I just need tach signal but I don't know how to get tach output from the ecu.
  3. G4+ atom. No clue what model tach it is but it's a autogauge ignition system all custom loom all custom in s14 silvia. Also s13 sr20
  4. So I just recently got a tach gauge off a friend but cant get it to work. Assuming theres rpm signal coming into my link is there any way to get rpm signal off the link and to the back off my gauge.
  5. thank you. i took the cluster out and there were no connecters behind it so i think id have to wire directly to the circuit board and find out which wire goes where. the wiring is kinda all over the place alot of the wires arent there as its a drift car and its all wired to either main power or the ecu power switch the aftermarket gauges lights turn on when i turn on ecu power so i thought maybe they run through the ecu and feed it info but i think ill just wire them seperatly as you've said. ill have a look at the wiring and see what i can find. so to connect the tachometer to get it working
  6. Im wondering if theres a way to get my gauge cluster working through the ecu. The cluster is currently not connected and there doesn't seem to be any wires to connect it. (ive just bought the car) It doesn't run off a key ignition but a main power switch. How can I get my cluster working. Though the ecu? if so how would that connect up? or is there a better way to do it. mainly only worried about rpm and speed I also have a oil pressure, water temp and boost gauge. the only one currently working is the boost gauge. They all light up when ecu power is turned on so guessing there run throug
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