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  1. Thanks to you guys! My car starte and i hade 11kg/cm3 in compression on all 6 cylinderns. The Idle in ruff, but it starter!
  2. Thanks guys! I Will look over this! Do someone off you guys in this forum know the clearance before the Piston hit the Valves on rb25det?Jumped 1,5 teeths on intake Side same for exhaust Side. Running 9:0:1 pistons and cams with lift 9.30mm. compression test Will tell me in 2 days. Wish me luck
  3. Thanks henryy, i maybe have found my problem, My hks slide cam pullys have moves 20° hopefully my Valves are okey.. 9:01 cp pistons
  4. Here comes the config (basemap) and logging. i can see that i get fuel on my Air/fuel ratio on logging. But i can't here it firing and the timing is set to 10 and checked with a Strobe lamp Greeting Andreas. startmapp v.1.pclr rb25.llg
  5. I Will sure do. Im at work atm, but i Will send those to you in pm. Haven't use a bulb. I have check the sparkplug and i can't smell any e85 in the sparkplug Hole and THE pistons are dry aswell.
  6. Hello. Im about to start my new built engieen (rb25det in r32 Skyline gtst) Running a Link ecu g4+ extreme. I have set My base Time to 10° and im getting spark, signal at trig 1 and trig 2 and i can see my rpm is around 200. (Vag Short coils) My injectors are opening when im doing inj test. But when im trying to start my inj wont fire (THE sparkplugs are dry same with the topp of the Piston) running e85 on denso 95500-0830 injectors. Greetings from Sweden, Andreas.
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