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  1. That's what I had in mind for my engine, too Thank you Adam!
  2. Did you use the basemap for your tune as a starting point? If yes, how safe would you say the basemap is? I'm about to tune my EJ207 soon on the road and I'm just curious...
  3. That is a pretty nice project, I really like the custom intake
  4. Thank you again Adam, it's working fine
  5. Thank you Adam, i will split my expansion loom and go for it, thanks a lot
  6. OK, so the assignment on the board is the definitive pinout? That would explain why my aem trim pot worked using the right hand side connector, but DI7 and 8 not because they are aux outputs, right?
  7. Hi Adam, thank you for your response. I just had a look at the ECU board and I don't really get how the expansion connectors will work in different ways regarding with or without E-throttle. On my board the connectors are assigned like it's in the manual with E-throttle, but my car is drive by cable. My expansion loom was connected to the right expansion connector in this view. Thanks. Manfred
  8. Hi, I wired two switches to enable antilag and traction control to my expansion 1 connector (no E-throttle). Pin 2 of the switches has +12V and pin 3 is going to the digital input. Neither the status of both inputs will show active if the switches are enabled, nor the status LEDs of the switches between pin 3 and pin 7 will go out if the switches are disabled. If I disconnct the switches and the ignition is turned on, there are +12V provided from the ECU through the digital inputs. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance, Manfred G66
  9. I see, I will check it, thanks
  10. Hi Adam, mine says PCB Rev 1.5 on the package so I can't use the DI10? A bit strange because I purchased it last year.
  11. Strange, I'm going to check it next time.
  12. So is it possible to use e.g. DI10, if I connect this channel manually to a switch? In my case DI10 is not connected (non DBW car), but i would like to use it as a clutch switch.
  13. Mixed up little und big endian, no its working
  14. Lamba is shown in race studio 1.6, in pc link 0.256 Lamba Temp is shown in race studio 780, in pc link it starts with 32700 and ends with 3075 or 2885. I guess i shouldn't use the whole 16 bits of this message... Would be nice if there was a document for the can protocol. 1_SubaruWRXSTIV8JF1GDBLH33G045680withlambdadata.pclr MXmcanoutput.zconfig
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