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  1. I've just been under the car to do the lambda sensor and checked the full exhaust system which was all good with no leaks. Not running any meth, just normal pump fuel. I have no idea about the fuel tables being flat, but am going to order a gauge and check the fuel pressure asap and report back. Many thanks..
  2. Appreciate the input and help! The car has been like this since Novemeber and when I called my tuner he got me booked in for Feb 2020. Then came covid 19.... I have spoken to him and he is hopeful for getting me in Septemeber 2020 now! I wont take it to anyone else as he bulit the car (taking it from 280bhp to just under 600bhp) and I trust him. Im a chef by trade and have no work for the forseeable future so am stuck at home working on a few projects, one of which is fixing my Evo!! Your right, I dont want to keep throwing money at new parts and not find the answers. After Adam mention
  3. Replaced wide band lambda sensor today and recorded new log. Still getting a cut/ surge on high boost? I have attached my log file if anyone has a chance to take a look. It happens between 9.20 and 9.23. Im at 100% tps and flat out but it still cuts then comes surges back on again. Any ideas? thanks again... https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ES2ilp2vMEBpyVOwG07PZjBE8OVlpO4/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hi Please help, My Can Lambda is not working which I think is causing my problem (see my other thread "over run fuel cut"). If you look at my log you can see it just cycles back to initialising and does not actually kick in and work. Instead it throws up error code 46 and 48 which by the manual says ipe over voltage and ape over voltage. What does this mean, I need a new bosch sensor? The wiring is bad? The modual has failed? Where can I begin to fix this error, any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Also found 2 errors on the log saying the can lambda 02 sensor is overvoltage. It reads error 46 and error 48 if you see my log. Could this be my problem?
  6. Hi All Still not got to see my tuner and now stuck at home with nothing to do, so trying again to fix the car. Does anyone have any idea of how I can see the AFRs and fuels pressure on my log? I just found out the fuse had completley melted on my fuel pump relay, which is making me think my problem could be a fueling problem. I have put a new relay and fuse holder on to the 450lph hard wired walbro fuel pump, and it performs better but is still surging at higher boost. The pump is whinning (but don`t they all) a bit louder than usual since I rewired it. I have cured all boost l
  7. I see the drop but not 100% sure what it is. When driving with the air-conditioning on every so often I feel a very slight drop in power and rpm goes down just for a millisecond. As soon as I turn off the air conditioning it works fine. It's always done this since I had the Link G4 fitted. Not sure this is the problem. How do I check map sensor?
  8. Thanks for looking. I see what you are saying. As far as I know the electrical system works fine but I'm up for checking everything! Recently I have replaced the coil packs and plugs ( just to be sure), and have taken apart the waste gate and rechecked for boost leaks, but all is ok. I can hear something clicking on and off under the bonnet, I don't know what this is but comes from near the firewall and intake manifold, sounds electrical.. Could it be anything to do with a sensor?? Where should I begin to check now.. Running out of ideas. Car runs fine on low boost, it's on
  9. Im not sure how to check that? But looking to learn how to diagnose the fault. My tuner is busy until the end of April so I'm attempting to fix it myself. I have no previous experience with with looking at. ECU logs, which is why I posted up my log file here to see if anyone can help me read them. I just had Can lambda fitted last year, and car has been running very smooth until now. Can you take a look at my logs as I do not have a clue what I'm looking for? Many thanks...
  10. You sound very certain it's a misfire! So far I have replaced the spark plugs, tomorrow I need to buy new coil packs at a cost of £100. If it's not the coil packs or spark plugs what next?
  11. New plugs put in gapped to. 0.5mm as specified by the tuner. Unfortunately still getting same problem. Car is running just under 600bhp when it works. What to try next, could it be coil packs? Here's another video of the error. The boost controller is hard to read (bouncy recording) but it looks like it is not holding boost and jumping erraticly. Thanks for your help. 1_VID_20200218_122352.mp4
  12. It runs fine if I put the boost on low! I have new plugs but not coil packs. One other thing I have just noticed is it does not fire on all cylinders when I first start the engine, but a minute later its working fine. This has only happened twice so far. Thanks for your help.. I changed the plugs recently, but not pulled them to check, will do today. I do not know how to measure fuel pressure, never done this before. I will certainly check the gapping on the plugs though and thinking of getting some new coil packs? Thanks Rob
  13. Here is the video of the same log. VID_20200218_223738.mp4
  14. Hi CJ Here is a new log. Put my foot full to the floor for about 2 seconds, really worried about damaging the turbo or engine. This time it still does not boost properly, just seems to surge a bit. I also have the video from inside the car so I will post this up as well. The main event happens at between 3.40 and 3.50. Can you tell anything from the log? Thanks again. Log 2020-02-18 10;40;32 pm.llg
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