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  1. Yup... the car and ECU fired right up... It's amazing what happens when the power and ground locations are in the correct spots. I'm going to go hang my head in victorious shame now. lol Thanks for the help!
  2. Here is the photos of the ground and power locations. Intake manifold for ground and starter lug for power EDIT: Just realized the ground point is on the throttle body side of a plastic isolated point... switching right now to check.
  3. I like that idea alot actually. Will do more tracing and chasing wires on Monday when I'm back at the shop. Cross your fingers it's a simple/straight forward find.
  4. I was also able to power up the ecu on the bench and get the computer to communicate with the ECU which gave me much relief. Is there a special tool to remove the pins? I'm really hoping that the harness isn't the problem but after getting the computer powered up and good comms with the laptop I'm almost sure its the harness Next time I'm at the shop I will unpin those and check with the harness connected and those pins out.
  5. Thanks for the help. I removed the ecu from the car and bench checked it like you said and thankfully the ecu powered up and I have a blinking ecu. Looks like it may be trying to tell me codes or something but this is a huge step compared to what it's doing in the car.
  6. Trying to get my Monsoon to power up for the first time. Harness is an Panic Wire drop on harness for the 3SGE BEAMS. Hooked up main power wire to the Starter lug and the ground to the intake manifold like instructions from PanicWire indicate. Also using their plug in accessory switch panel with acc, starter, and main power switches. ECU does not power on, no communication. Verified 12v going into pin 5 and checked continuity between pin 34/25 and the intake manifold for the ground supply. All is good on those but I'm getting no indicator light or ecu communication with laptop. Not sure
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