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  1. Hello guys I was wondering if anyone has the cable that plugs into the g4+ for sale ? I didn’t receive one in my box when I purchased it and I need one to connect a tablet to the ecu
  2. Update got it turning over but I have no spark will this be down to the locked ecu ?
  3. Right cheers for that m8 So the locked ecu should lett it turn over But not start ?
  4. Hello guys I’m really new to this and would honestly appreciate any help just recent bought a link ecu g4+ for my s14 and I sent my ecu to get changed over and it was gone for a week as the ecu was gone I have had a electrician relocating the battery in the boot with a cut off switch etc. So I’ve got the ecu back and it’s not been unlocked so when I attempt to start the car I only have ignition but no starter. I phoned my tuner and he said he’s not sure that the locked ecu should get rid of the starter it would just let the car turn over but not start. could anyone tell me if I’m looking for a electrical problem or is the locked ecu shutting everything down? cheers
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