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  1. I ended up talking to my tuner and he remoted in and helped me tune it for a basic drive. He said I needed to check my wiring and that it was likely the connection or o2 sensor gauge/sensor. edit: I checked my sensor and did a free air calibration. The afr changes by 5s just by reving. Im getting a new sensor but I didn't really like the x series gauge because of the useless aemnet functionality. I might get an analog only controller.
  2. Yes here it is. I have 2 wires on my harness, one connects to the ecu and one goes to ground. I got it working but the ecu stops receiving values from the gauge. Plus the values are wrong. For example when started the gauge will read 1.2 lambda and the ecu will read .6 then after a while the ecu stops receiving data from the controller and it sticks to 1.3 lambda.
  3. Yes the input for the AFR is analog 3. I set it to that and changed the calibration to AEM X series. My wiring goes like this: power for the aem controller to a 12v source, ground for the controller to the grounds for the ecu, brown and white analog outputs from the controller to my harnesses wideband inputs. My lambda value on the controller says 1.0-1.2 but my software is telling me its in the .6s. Also after about 10 seconds of the links lambda gauge working the value jumps to 1.3 and doesnt change values unless I power off the gauge.
  4. I have absolutely no tune on my 4age except for the startup map my wiring harness guy did. He told me to get an AFR gauge so I did. It's a AEM X gauge and it causing me some issues. My wiring harness has a wbo2 input with a white and brown wire but when connected to my sensor gauge it gets no input in the ecu. I'm running a monsoonX btw. The gauge reads 25 afr at idle but my idle doesnt work at all. Any help would be appreciated as the engine is brand new rebuilt.
  5. Nope I wired it to the other brown wire in my harness.
  6. Nope still doesn't work, the error value is the only thing displayed on the digital gauge. The gauge might be putting out a low voltage? My output wires from the ecu connector are ANVOLT 2, should I be connected to CAN H and CAN L?
  7. Here you go. Edit: I also forgot to mention there is a little white smoke coming from the exhaust. Im pretty sure it has a bad head gasket. 4ag_started_1.pclx
  8. I just connected the can wires from my gauge to the analog ones to my ecu and the values for lambda are still different. Any suggestions?
  9. Wait but doesnt that mean that I need CAN Lambda?
  10. Ok first things first, I am no engine tuner, I recently got my ecu with a new harness for my 4age 16v. After getting the guy who made it to tune it, life was good. After doing a few tweaks like connecting the brake booster to my vacuum manifold the idle just dropped, it went from 1200 to 500 and would stall on cold start. I disconnected it and plugged it but the problem remained. I called up the guy who made and we tweaked it a little. At the time I didnt have a wideband so we couldnt see the afr. Now I have the AEM x series gauge. Its pretty good, except, it flat out doesnt send the correct lambda signal to my ecu. The gauge is correct but the ecu reads 1.227 at idle, all the time, even when reving which sometimes stalls it. It sometimes tries to work and it will go down. For example when the car is not on, the lambda read the same on the gauge and on the ecu. The gauge's lambda is very lean on idle, it usually is in the high like 1.6. I am running on pump gas. When I rev up and it doesnt stall the lamda on the ecu is bouncing all over the place. Ive checked my connections for the analog output of the gauge and all the wires are correct. The only thing I can thing of is I made a extension to the power for the gauge and I didnt ground it to the battery. I am running itbs with cop aswell.
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