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  1. @Adamw would you recommend a lower pressure sensor (eg, 2bar) or a higher pressure sensor (eg, 4bar) for the purpose of detecting coolant pressure in a failed head gasket scenario? Would you expect to see higher coolant pressure than what the radiator caps is rated in normal operating conditions? Thanks in advance
  2. For tables use the recommendation from TechDave. Watch out for differences in settings between + and X. There are few settings that cannot be copied over directly due to changes. Once you start copying them it doesn’t take much time. Good luck with copy paste!
  3. @Adamw once again, thank you for your support. I can confirm with 1000 divider the error is gone. On another note, it is running really rich - we will have to look at calibration data. Thanks for you support!
  4. Perfect, thanks Adam. I am away from the car now, I will try this out on Tuesday and post an update. Thanks
  5. Certainly, attached are both G4+ (2020 03 23) and G4X (2020 04 25) maps. Thanks 2020 04 25 - Backup.pclx 2020 03 23 - Backup.pclr 2020 04 25 - settings overflow.pclx
  6. The help file seems to suggest what you mentioned but I guess there's still a problem in my config. I can see the values on CAN Analogue 1 on runtime values. Generic CAN Wideband To use a generic CAN Lambda device you will need to setup a custom CAN stream. You can either set the relevant Lambda (1 or 2) to Link CAN and then have the CAN stream write directly to the runtime or have the CAN stream write to a CAN analog and select that CAN analog as the source and the appropriate calibration (None calibration will pass the value straight through).
  7. Thanks @Adamw, interestingly it created the frame with that without the setting overflow error. Frame is now configured with Parameter=CAN Analogue 1, Start pos=8, width=16, unsigned, 1,1,0. When I select Lambda1, sensor control to CAN Analogue 1, the setting overflow returns. Where to from here? Thanks
  8. Greetings, I've just upgraded from a G4+ to a G4X and wanting to get the wide band controller to work the way it was working on G4+. The external wide band controller is wired in to CAN2, mode=user defined, Channel1=Receive User Stream 1, mode=Receive user stream1. It has its own CAN ID and the format it normal. This configuration is okay on G4+ however as soon as I add Frame 1 = Lambda on G4X, it throws setting overflow error 8. If I delete the frame, the error goes away. The frame 1 is configured with Parameter=Lambda1, Start pos=8, width=16, unsinged, 1,1,0. Exact same
  9. Thanks Dave, that’s really handy as don’t have to configure the axis before hand. Cheers
  10. A map migration tool would be really useful to those who are looking at upgrading their ECUs. All I have figured out so far is to copy and paste content between two tunes.
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