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  1. Attach co2 were compressor would have been? Then have regulator on c02 set at 50 psi. 10 lb wastegate spring. Might make 60 psi? Would this work?
  2. Any way to build this in the software?..... Or Have a similarly system that may work with c02?
  3. New to Link g+4 software... I'm having troubles on how to setup My c02 boost controller in the software. I have attached a picture of my current Setup routing I have 2 mac valves. One for filling pressure to the top side of the waste gate. 2nd mac valve Dumps pressure if we get to high on boost pressure to release pressure on the waste gate. I have one pressure sensor to help watch c02 pressure on the Top side of the waste gate. So If anyone can help set this up in the system... Please try and help with my project. Thank you.
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