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  1. Hello how much can i get hp on 2jz stock engine with tuning on link g4x
  2. Does the fuel do engine temperature coz i have rich fuel
  3. Vehicle speed But if i drive my car more then 3 hours with air condition and vehicle speed below 110 temperature is perfect but if i drive 120 temperature goes high with and without ac
  4. Hello on my 2jz gte non vvti when i drive car below 110 engine temperatures is perfect but when drive more then 120 engine temperature goes high
  5. adilaj2002

    ac pinout

    i will try to do it
  6. adilaj2002

    ac pinout

    hello vaughan i am trying to copy my map but i cant get password that a tuner put it on i am asking that tuner to give my password he refused to give my
  7. hi i need tune for 2jzgte non vvti engine for stock engine . i have done some tune but getting problem on cold start and lot of black smoke all time if any one can give me tune for stock engine and i have a manual transmission autom x ecu i have
  8. adilaj2002

    ac pinout

    hello I am new to g4x I want to ask how can I make fan works when my ac is on . right now car fan work with link ecu with engine temperature . but I want when I push ac button fan should work all time with ac . and without ac should work with engine temperature my engine is 2jzgte non vvti and can I hard wire kilometer with G4x ECU
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