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  1. hachoo

    Launch Control

    sorry for bothering you guys. i do not have a tuner right now. and wishing to learn bit by bit myself if i can. hope you guys are able to give me some advice and knowledge
  2. hachoo

    Launch Control

    Am I doing anything wrong here? I do have launch control but it sounds like it is just limiting revs. Can anyone help me with those with fire spitting loud bangs?
  3. hachoo


    Having some issues with cranking. It tends to crank and get stuck/ jam(if you can understand what i mean) . I have to release and crank again. May I know what is happening?
  4. so i should use GP PWM rather than GP output?
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering am I able to use this mitsubishi fan control module to control the radiator fans? If yes, how do I wire this into my Link G4 Storm?
  6. hachoo

    Link G4 to G4+

    Hi guys. I am changing from a G4 Storm to a G4+ Atom 2. Is there anything I should look out for? Are the connector the same? just plug and play? and what should i look out for? how do i convert the G4 file into a G4+ file?
  7. Can anyone help me on this? I am at a lost. This happened when i was opening the file in my home ytd night and i thought should be a file problem, so i went to my car and tried connecting to the ecu and this happened again.
  8. Hi guys, my rpm tends to hang around 1300-1500rpm after blipping the throttle. what have i done wrong?
  9. hi. i am confused with pullup resistor, on level and active edge. read the help browser but still kinda confused. can anyone guide me?
  10. hachoo

    IAT sensor

    if my sensor is spoilt, what other sensors can i use? i have heard that any other IAT sensors can be used. is it true?
  11. hachoo

    IAT sensor

    hi guys. how do i check if my IAT sensor is spoilt?
  12. it was tuned on 690cc injectors and running well at 14ms but it is low impedance injectors and i do not have ballast/resistor pack. so i have changed to a 700cc high impedance injector now.
  13. Hi guys. I am little confused as a stock ca18det injector is 370cc low impedance(peak and hold) and its on 14ms master fuel on link G4 Storm which means if i change to 700cc injectors high impedance( saturated), it would be around 7.4ms, am i right? But if i were to change it to 7.4ms, my afr reading is too lean. it is afr of 21 may i know whats happening? my car was tuned by some other tuner last time. it is on a ca18det. based on the map, it is at 14ms with a 690cc low impedance denso injector previously. but, i realised my injector resistor box is not there anymore, so i changed the injectors to a unknown brand 700cc high impedance injector. may i know what i must do? do i change the master fuel? or based on 14ms, i change the fuel table again? because after changing the injectors, afr is around 21
  14. So i can say that DI1 controls aux1 and virtual aux1 right? I can use DI1 to control aux3 and virtual aux1. Am i right to say so?
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