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  1. I'm assuming ecu hold is pin 80 labeled back up supply , would that be correct
  2. Thanks Adam. Have converted to DBW so I won't need to worry about ecu hold power circuit is that correct
  3. Just been looking over these pinout guides and noticed a couple of odd things. 1st pic is 3x Ign 4 pins lined in orange is this correct 2nd pic is ignition switch D1 lined in orange I can't find it on pin location in pic 1 Is some one able to clarify please
  4. I've gone with the jag controller insteed
  5. If I have a switch between the relay and aux output as pictured, mainly used to immobilise fuel pump & coils/injectors using a factory unused dash switch with duel input/output will I need to enable a pull up resistor due to lowside switching, if available on aux channel. Or will I need to use a digital channel insteed.. Xtreme+
  6. Do you think it would be posable to shave every second or second and third tooth off to have half or a third of the original amount remaining
  7. Cheers for the jag controller info.. Do you have a link to the voltage booster you used handy
  8. I think you are correct, my understanding from the article is the f/p controler has a voltage step down at full load from memory I think it said aprox 10.9v supply, The article said the use of the relay was to take a direct feed from the battery to the fuel pump pulsing the relay via ground. Would a solid state relay do the same thing with out the use of the f/p controller?
  9. Quick question.. In regards to a subaru PWM controller is any one able to tell me where the 2 wires labeled ecm/ecu pin 9-8 in the attached picture should be run to. Or would a hella solid state 20amp relay do the same job a lot easyer
  10. Cheers mate.. You accepted my FB friend request do you mind if I directly message you for querys etc.. (clicked to who you are legnum appreciation, owners etc FB)
  11. Currently wiring up a link xtreme In my legnum. I have also removed IFS and spliced off the crank signal wire to retrieve a tach signal, apon reading this which I'm glad I did I see I'm also going to have to remove the white wire of the crank signal.. My question is how did you go about getting another signal input for the tacho
  12. Michael Keen to know how you went as Ive just started the same process on my vr4
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