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  1. Hi all, when my car is idling from cold,warm or hot, the rpm dips to about 500 and looking at the logs sees as low as 300 ish every now and then. i have the log waiting in dropbox if anyone can help, ideally if you could point me in the direction of what i should be adjusting as im learning haha. thank you Chris
  2. Hi all, recently had my car road mapped and I had mentioned to my mapper that the car likes to cut out if I have to clutch in and come to a stop. He made an adjustment and it seemed perfect. However driving today and the car cut out more than it has done since tuning. Only seems to happen if I have to come to a stop quick and I’ve put the clutch in or I’ve revved up to pull out of a spot or something then once the rpm falls it seems like the car wants to cut out. any ideas would be amazing! Chris
  3. Currently running: 340lph fuel pump Airtech intercooler Airtech intake manifold CAI 3" turbo back exhaust no cat No MAF Helix 6 panel clutch and flywheel. Please be aware that current config is only around 240hp due to original clutch breaking and as car has been sat a while and had a lot changed we were running in before finalising the map and turning it up. Gear box just went on me so just got a new one I order to finish mapping What are you running and what volvo?
  4. Hi Stephen, Sure not a problem, are you after pin out from fuse box side or just the link Pin out config? Do you whatsapp? May make it easier to answer any questions and can grab an email to send you the config file Regards Chris
  5. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Hi Adam, Please find attached file with upgraded firmware. Regards Chris Volvo Map Edit.pclr
  6. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Ok Adam will do. Thank you!
  7. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Thanks for your reply! Ok you will have to excuse the lack of knowledge, but what is wrong with the knock? DBW, I did know that im not quite sure why but does this happen to do with there being no backup signal wire currently only have one signal input? Ok ill raise the overrun as you have mentioned. Is idle ignition as simple as just enabling it? Regards Chris
  8. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Hi Adam, Managed to Log a couple of the issues, please see the attached files: Cold Start file should show why the car is so bloody jumpy and un-driveable, but typical that it wasn't as bad today as it normally is. Engine Stall simulates the weird idle i get but i had to rev the engine to get it to dip when the revs were coming down, just sounds like its going to stall after a rev or sometimes on idle like the revs dip too low or something. Regards Chris Cold start.llg Engine stall.llg
  9. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Hi Adam, thanks for the response ill get the firmware updated and try and get these logs. I believe for the ethrottle there should be two wires incase there was a failure in one but unfortunately my car only has one at present, not sure if this info helps at all.
  10. sorry i never received a notification for this, Year of the volvo is 2010 and engine code is B5254T3 and yes all running VVC :). Will receive notifications now! Regards Chris
  11. CJL

    Idle Issues

    Hi All, Having really weird idle issues: 1) when idling the car seems to bog down sounding likes its going to cut out however after a drive or so it sometimes is fine. 2) idle often gets stuck around 1500 - 2000 RPM, once driving again it will stop perhaps on next idle. 3) when coming to a stop while driving (not all times) car will turn off when downshifting, i can see the vaultage dropping from the battery on my dash but often times while down shifting the car will cut out then once in next gear it will start it back up again? Im not a professional tuner but im slowl
  12. CJL

    Editing a Cal Table

    Thanks Adam, apologies for late reply been having trouble logging in.
  13. CJL

    Editing a Cal Table

    Hi there, I do apologise if this is a stupid question but this is my first time ever! been reading about setting up a Cal table for a fuel level reading for my MGX 1.2 Strada, however I'm unable to adjust the table size or percentage values. example: I'd like the percentages to start at 100% counting down to 0% where I then fill in the voltage values. when I try and do so I end up with a table starting at 100% all the way up to 400 and something. thank you in advance. chris
  14. just to let you all know I'm running a G4+ Fury in my 5cyl T5 volvo hope this helps
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