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  1. Okay, I'm not 100% sure which wire is -VE (ground) .Also pin B57 has +12V? In that correct becuase 2/5 pins have +12v or (2/3 have +12v) pins you have listed
  2. I think stock is grounded through body which way are you saying saying pin order like in pic below or opposite
  3. -pin 2 is confirmed Pin 3 is confirmed both have +12v ? What is -ve ?
  4. Currently setup old igniter (comes stock with car) as far as I can tell the grounds are good. The previous igniter I had in actually had a ground wire but it was tucked underneath. The current stock igniter might ground through the body but seems to be good
  5. No spark in test mode or cranking
  6. @Adamw rewired old igniter still no spark. i am getting rpm when cranking, 2JZGE-T.pclr current map
  7. No worries Adam, I have rewired the original igniter becuase @ThatSupraGuyhas sent me a base map and he's using a stock igniter and his trigger setup looks good. The file above ^ Just wiring up now and gonna try crank
  8. how to i see realist rpm? just seeing if the rpm is moving at all in the software? think it uses the signal from 1 for all 6? when i go to test the igniter in test mode it doesnt spark. diagram below is how i had it wried up. I think i do have the original 2JZ GE 4 pin ignitor around Toyota Supra.pclr
  9. just bought a link ecu g4+ and was going through start up guide. MY build is 2jzge- turbo Supra JDM 1993 , map sensor calibrated, tps not calibrated (wiring issues). when i crank the engine there is no spark from main coil going to distributor cap. Originally running a piggyback system with the Aristo 2JZGTE ecu which was running fine, unplugged earlier today, current ignition module is rewired to work with distributor because the 2jzGTE uses COP instead of distributor (old setup). In the ignition settings neither direct spark or distributor have any spark. also unsure about what trigger setup to use, when cranking trigger signal status 1 is on/active Was previously running fine before installing new ecu
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