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  1. JFB

    5th injector setup

    What a great question... How can I tell? Looks like I may have a LEM G3. Is there no workaround to pulse an injector in the manifold? Like a 12V relay maybe?
  2. JFB

    5th injector setup

    Hi. 1995 Miata 1.8L, Fastforward supercharger. Link G3/G4 ECU with Mazda adaptalink. 4x 14 ohm 550cc injectors. Need to add 5th injector for cooling in intake manifold between supercharger and engine block. How do I got about controlling that 5th injector? Is it via the auxiliary injection? The 5th injector needs to pulse every time one of the other 4 main injectors pulse. Any guidance is appreciated.
  3. Hi Adam, Thanks for replying... I have figured out my issue this morning. I have an Autometer 5978. Turns out the values on the gauge were set at 0V-4V -> 10-16 AFR. And the values in my CAL table in the ECU were set to 0V-5V -> 10-22 AFR. I set the gauge to 10-20 AFR and did the same on the ECU CAL table. I also changed the volts from 5V to 4V in the CAL table. This fixed the issue. I am now within 0.1-0.2 AFR gauge to ECU. Thanks forum!!!
  4. I’m not sure. ill ha e to follow the wires. I didn’t install it myself and it’s been there for over 10 years. Isnt there a way to set the input voltages for a given AFR in the G4 software? Like a calibration setting in the G4 program?
  5. I’M a little new at all this tuning stuff, but I understand most aspects. I want to try and refine my AFR and fuel maps... But first, I need to resell every an issue with AFR. I have a wideband gauge in the car, and I compare it to the wideband from the G3/G4 ECU on my computer. The ECU seems to always be reading 2.0 to 4.0 higher than the wideband gauge. Is there an adjustment for the reading in the ECU? How do I get both AFR values to match? And more importantly, which one is correct? I have seen other ECU programs where you can set voltages in the ECU software to match the gauge
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