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  1. I had a suspicion on the injectors aswell, but didnt know this info. I have new bosch 1300cc injectors im going to put in the car soon, so i hope that will fix the issue
  2. Bosch 2000cc injectors BC 264 cams Ferrea competition plus 1mm oversized valves Fuel pressure is around 40-50psi I've reached maximum file sized so cannot upload the map, but it is on the link below https://easyupload.io/vad3uf Maybe worth noting is that i think im getting more blowby to the catch tank then i did before
  3. So, i have a MK4 supra with a 2jz-gte engine. The valves sunk in and i lost compression, so i sent the head to a machine shop, got new valves and did a portjob for better turbo spool. Now after i mounted everything back togheter the car runs really lean no matter what i do in the fuel map. I'm not a professional mechanic or anything but i think i mounted everything right. As far as i can see the cams looks to be correctly mounted (top dead center along with the crank) But ofcourse its a posibility something is wrong here. Also my injectors has not been cleaned and has been sitting in
  4. Thank you! will try it when i come home
  5. I just assigned it as a clutch switch but it is not a clutch switch, its a button on the dash. I have another button which i have not assigned yet, but they are going to be on DI9 and DI10 (if i remember correctly).
  6. Sure if you can set it up so i can see how that would be awsome. Supra map.pclr
  7. I have not tried. But basically what i want is being able to put latched launch on one button and single RPM launch on another. I saw another older post where they said it was on the wish list, back in 2017. So i was wondering if this is still getting worked on
  8. Has this been implemented yet, or is it going to be implemented anytime soon?
  9. oh sorry, haha. Okay perfect, that doesnt sound so hard (Y) Thank you so much
  10. yes sorry, they come with the gauge, and are for controlling boost and traction. In the manual the Gauge comes with it says to connect the two wires to each individual analog input. But thats where the help stops.
  11. So i have installed a BTI gauge and hooked it up via CAN port. There is 2 more wires for traction control and boost control that i am going to connect to an analog input each. I was just wondering how i set it up to control the boost and traction. What should i select the AN volt as? Any help would be appriciated http://www.btigauges.com/link--vipec.html
  12. @driftninja Hi again, so i have installed the valve and it works okay. I was just wondering if you ever had any problems with it staying open everytime you press the throttle? Everytime i press the throttle when driving the valve opens, but if im above approx 2000rpm it shuts immidiatly, but if im below it stays open until i reach 2000rpm. Its really annoying
  13. The problem is that the valve is staying open, which is making the car act like im holding the throttle in while its closed. Hard for me to explain, but its acting kinda like a cruise control. So you think that its not a setting thats causing it rather the vakuum not being correct? Because i cant drive with it like this. You can see in the log that i have 0% throttle position, but the RPM is rising until i push the clutch in, then the RPM's increase to around 2400 rpms. Thats when the valve closes, and rpms start falling again.
  14. Hello I have installed the Ford IAC adapter kit on my 2jz-GTE and are having some problems with it. The main problem being that every time i press in the throttle, below approx 2200rpm, the IAC valve opens up and stays open. I cant find any settings in the ECU where there is a limit on 2200 where it should close. When it reaches approx 2200rpm the valve closes, and as long as i stay above said RPM it acts like it should. Anyone know the solution? Altso on cold starts the car goes straigt to well above 2000rpm and stays there for quite a while, and i cant seem to get it lo
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