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  1. Hi Gurus, I have just put a G4+ in my '98 Supra to replace a Vipec V88 and while everything is running much better than it did on the V88, I have a question about the Neutral/Park idle step feature that I now have. Is there a way to put a delay on it? Basically, the car is a VVTi 2JZ with E-Throttle in front of an A340 (30-40-LS) with upgraded valve body. So even at high DC the line pressure is quite a bit higher than stock so the shift from N to D can be "harsh". Add to that the fact that now the idle will step up about half a second BEFORE drive physically engages due to the E-T
  2. Thanks Adam. That makes sense. I have other options, but they mean I will have to live without the power-on sweep. Worst case, I can just throw in an MXG when I win the lotto.
  3. So I've just hooked up the dash Speedo on my '98 Supra to run off my V88 so that I can finally calibrate it. It has been reading high for years. However, I've got something weird going on. Soon as the car starts moving and the ECU has detected speed, the dash Speedo jumps to 20kph. Once the actual speed catches up, the gauge is then absolutely spot on with the ECU through a full sweep. ECU reads speed under 20kph just fine so it's just the output/gauge. Anyone know why it would work, but with the sudden 20kph jump? I'm using the IGN8 aux out if that has anything to do with it.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That actually helps things make a bit more sense. I remember there being missfire issues with this motor at high boost levels, so if the Autronic interface doesn't need to be there, I'm now thinking maybe it was added in an attempt to fix that problem? I do know that in the end, the fix for the missfire was to switch to CDI ignition which the car has also been running fine with for 10 years. Which means yeah, by the sounds of it I can ditch the Autronic interface. Thanks.
  5. Hi all. I'm just looking at clearing something up due to a gap in my knowledge. Basically, I'm replacing a Vi-Pec V88 with a shiny new Link G4X Xtreme on a 2JZ-GTE VVTi, which should be pretty straight forward considering the pinouts are identical. The only question I have is, the guy that installed the V88 has used an Autronic reluctor interface on the crank trigger and Trigger1 is setup as a Hall Effect sensor. The car has been running for 10-12 years on the V88 set up like this with no problems. I didn't think this would be needed and that the v88 didn't have any issues syncing w
  6. Wow, thanks for the response. I'll try the FPS first, but the GP PWM Output is a great idea and shouldn't be too difficult for me to Macgyver a simple low-pass filter. That being said, after installing PC Link and having a poke around, I've got my heart set on a G4X now as it will give me back traction control, throttle blip, and some other cool stuff. If I get one and CAN still ends up being my best option, can you see any reason why the G4X wouldn't be able to output frames the TCU can understand?
  7. Thanks for the response. I'm using a PCS TCM2800. It's CAN configuration is mildly flexible but seems to be mostly related to output. I think it just expects J1939 messages for input to get TPS, RPM, ECT and MAP. Getting the two talking via CAN was basically my cheap option to solving my problem. I've been trying to set up the TCU to piggyback on the TPS signal but it's a finicky 2JZ VVTi E-Throttle and doing so seems to make the main/sub voltage differential unstable and the e-throttle keeps shutting off randomly. Without the TPS hooked in things work fine, but of course the TCU wo
  8. I know this is a bit old, but I've also got a V88 that needs the CAN update and wouldn't mind getting the instructions to update it. My only other option at this point is ditch the V88 for something that does CAN as I need to talk to a TCU. Is getting the instructions emailed still an option?
  9. I know this is old, but thought I would share. I've got a V88 on a 2JZ-GTE running latest available software/firmware and I have this happen every now and then. I know I will never get a fix given the V88 is loooong out of support, so I have just gotten into the habit of checking knock control is on after I have finished tinkering with anything. You can just turn it back to and use existing settings, just make sure to not reset the knock threshold table. Remember to STORE.
  10. I'm currently looking for the same thing and came across this post. God I hope no one used the above posted map. The 2JZ VVTi has a max intake cam angle of 30degrees so that maps is crap. Just posting this in case anyone else comes across this too.
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