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  1. Bard Space Star.mp4 This is a very nice build. Running a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine and a sequential gearbox. Setup with ALS as well. G4+ ecu.
  2. Hi, Will this dash work with the G4+? Have a customer that are switching from Autronic to Link and was hoping his old dash will work with Link ecu. I downloaded the PCS D200 manual, and couldnt find that the Link ecu are supported... Thanks
  3. Worked perfect with new firmware:) New firmware seems to cure ABS-light as well due faster CAN startup:) Thanks:)
  4. Thanks, I am on 6.1627. Will try with update tomorrow:)
  5. Hi! I cant figure to get the fans working... Regarding the manual, fan control are via CAN. I have setup CAN 2 as 350Z/G35 and have fan 1 and 2 setup as virtual aux 2 and 3. Under runtime values, virtual 2 and 3 are green and active, but fans arent running. I must have missed something, any ideas? It seems like tacho are via CAN as well, and tacho are working. Thanks Nissan 350Z.pclx
  6. Have you choosen the correct temp sensor in software?
  7. bsh

    LINK G4x

    I have also noticed the G4x software is slower than the G4 and the G4+ software... I am using an old HP laptop though...
  8. Hi, you can make your own base map, but I would speak to your dealer/tuner to help you out. He can help you ie via Team Viewer to setup and see everything working, setup trigger offset (you must connect a timing light to cyl 1 and communicate with the tuner regarding timing offset) etc... Should be able to do it yourself also, but you must read and understand the excellent help manual in PCLink software and do it yourself.
  9. Just tuned this cool, old E30. Owner knows to enjoy the power as well:) Precision 6266 gen 1. E85. G4+ Storm. #2rbe1drifting 655324DE-C638-4657-AF20-E5D21CF8F059.mov
  10. Hi, I am going to use it with an ecu that dont have scope and there wasnt any pinout diagram in the box. Is pin 1 +? Thanks
  11. Hi, powered it up on the bench and I could do the firmware update without any issues. After it connected with PCLink:) Thanks Adam.
  12. I have the newest version already. Downloaded it today...
  13. Hi, I tried to send to tech support, but got errors because too big pictures. Trying here:) Brand new ecu and not able to connect. The 4.jpg picture is the first message I got when I tried to connect with ecu. Tried with firmware upgrade and not able to upgrade firmware. Find Link usb in devices. Tried with disconnecting Ecu connector and waiting a couple of minutes while rebooting laptop. Any idea? See screenshot: Thanks
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