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  1. thank for the reply Vaughan, would you be able to give me an example of how much i should be reducing from the ignition table? thanks
  2. thanks for the reply Adam, i have just attached my logs, at around 3:20 is where the idle is high, thanks for all the help s14 expermental.pclr Log 2020-09-9 4;37;38 pm.llg
  3. Hi there, Having trouble figuring out why when my car is above 77c my idle kicks up to 1.9k rpm from the target idle of 1.1k rpm. Is there any specific setting that I should be changing that would effect the idle depending on temperature? Thanks
  4. Hi team, Wanting to setup a more aggressive rev limiter(flames and bangs) than stock. I guessing if you use ignition cut you would loose all power mid drift. If anyone could give me advice on what sort of setting would achieve this that would be great, thanks My setup: Link g4+ plug and play Forged Sr20det
  5. Wow thanks that was really helpful, understand what your talking about now. I'll give that a go and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
  6. Oh wow I dident even pick up on that. Is they anyway I can manual changed it back to the low boost map? Thanks
  7. think I've done so, please let me know if that's the wrong file. thanks
  8. recently bought a S14 with a forged Sr20 engine and external waste gate setup. The MAP Kpa is reaching its limit at around 4.5k rpm as shown in the log. I've check all the vacuum lines and don't see anything that would be causing a problem. just wondering if anyone would know if it was something to do with the wastegate or something with the link software? Thanks Log 2020-06-30 10;27;16 pm.llg s14 base.pclr
  9. Haven't done anything to fuel trim, I only have proper understanding of shift cut so that's the only thing I've been messing with, thanks
  10. Hi there, Just looking for some help on how I should be setting up my ignition cut for my flat foot shifting set up, wanting to get as big of a flame as possible(for photography & cutting down on boost lag) I only just got it setup and was messing around with the percentage of ignition cut and have gotten mixed l results, at around 25% I got a massive flame but could never replicate it, at 45% I get a constant setup for ffs but not getting the flames I'm after, anything after 55% I get no results. Just wondering if retarding the timing or using a different setup would help? Than
  11. thanks for clearing that up for me, ill give that a go next and come back to you if i get stuck again hahah, thanks again
  12. Hi there, sorry I forgot the mention I tryed ever combination with the setup I had, but there was no voltage running through the wire out the ecu and nothing coming from the switch, which now makes sense from Davidv's post. Thanks Would still like to know if the digital inputs will take 12v, thanks
  13. Hi there, Thanks for the reply I thinks that's my issue, are the digital inputs 12v or 5v?,if they are 5v I'm guessing I'd need a voltage regulator? Thanks
  14. hi there, ive currently got a evo 4 running an evolink and im trying to wireup a brake switch as a clutch switch, ive wired one side into DI 5 and the other to ground, but with the software i canrt get any reading from the switch when its clicked in or out. my settings within pclink: function GP input input off pullup off on level high active edge rising , Thanks
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