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  1. Thats the questions i want to be answered to be true! Thanks for the answer though
  2. Hello guys! Can i use a link ecu g4x extreme on my vw scirocco R and have everything connected to it as the stock one is? Cdl Engine 2.0 tfsi
  3. Okay problem is solved. The injectors power fuse was blown thats what was causing the not starting issue... Now the car starts and everything is perfect and finally i fixed the rev limiter issue. The problem was solved when i figured that the square plate with the 4 bolts was not installed on the camshaft pulley behind the trigger wheel. I put that plate on and also a 0.9 sensor spacer that was in the kit and the problem was almost gone! Then i changed the rev limiter to advanced and 50rpm cut and it sorted everything out! Thanks for your support! I figgured everything out when my last chance
  4. It is a two wire trigger. It is connected on pins 42 and 60 (alone). everything you asked is attached. i didn't pull the spark plugs but put a battery booster on the car and it cranks faster. it has difference, more powerful signal i believe! george skyline.pclr Trigger Scope Log 2021-01-20 11;11;07 am.llg george no start log.zip
  5. No... The car was working perfect before messing with the wiring... Just had spikes on high rpm! here is the scope now... And the car throws trigger errors and not starting... Tried 0.3 on thresshold but no luck.
  6. i get 150 to 180 rpm with this setup. i have it set to 0.2 at 0 rpm and 1.0 at 1000 rpm. i will check tomorrow and let you know thank you! So if i get this scope i have to check somewhere else for issues if its not starting? The problem is that i didnt do the wiring and thats the hard for me!
  7. I know you can help me a lot! And i tried to send you a message but you dont receive messages which is very legit! I want to discuss some things with you so you can help me out! Thank you!
  8. I tried them also inverted... I tried them with 5v instead of ground... I tried everything... It seems there was a bad connection somewhere and it was cut! Tomorrow i will know since i have a loan link g4 gtr+ for test! If it doesnt work too i will take the wiring out and make one by myself! Could those dipswitches be faulty? i checked with my multimeter the pin 42 with the mainboard pin and it seems okay though!
  9. The car doesnt have trigger 2! We only have a cam 24-1 trigger kit from nzwiring as trigger 1. The trigger 2 wasnt supposed to show something. The car was running yesterday and was doing problems over 6000 rpm. Later i found many bad connections on the ecu that i fixed and now the car is not starting at all and shows this bad trigger signal. I dont know whats happening. I have a clean new triger wiring also new sensor and freshly connected on the ecu! And i get this crap for trigger signal. The wiring is fully tested and all the contacts also... From inside of the ecu to the plugs! Today it
  10. From yesterday the car is not starting! Whatever i do. I installed new wire from outside of the car wiring, replaced sensor and everything! Here is the trigger scope attached! Very distorted! Ot seems like the ecu is the problem! Nothing else to do on that one!
  11. Do you remember how did you solve this one my friend? It seems like a very similar issue like us!
  12. So if the dip switches are set to R34 the trigers go to pins 51 and 52? Or just reversing the trigger 1 to trigger 2? If it is how i understand, what are the pins 51 and 52?
  13. Hello guys! I am still fighting with this issue. These days i have been fighting with the wiring of the car, weak pins and some wiring bad connections and also trigger wiring was short somehow. Just to make it clear, i have my CAS connected to trigger 1 (Pin42) and the sensor ground to the signal ground (pin 50) is this correct? There are 4 dipswitches on the board. how should they be with this wiring setup? Thank you
  14. Can someone answer me a simple question? Can a bad connection/short of 5V analog input power produce these spikes?
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