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  1. you can lock the timing to any value, then match that with the timing light. If your engine hates 10 degrees set the base timing to a higher value when calibrating.
  2. add crank enrichment. a fair bit. you want it to fire first to know it is the crank enrich at play, if it takes ages to fire it is normally crank enrich. E85 ends up with large numbers for cold crank enrichment, so don't be scared of big numbers in the lower temps.
  3. thats good for 28Kpa boost, so no its not good for you. not sure nay factory NA car uses a MAP sensor capable of reading much boost, let alone 2 Bar boost, it doesnt make any sense for them to sacrifice accuracy for increased range for no reason at all. it is kind of odd that the LS3 can even read positive pressure. i thnk you googled the wrong part number, heaps of info if you google 12591290 you get the info. that is the GM part number, the other one is the Bosch number.
  4. Dont just rely on Adam to sort it out, the tuner needs to be aware of the throttle issue, thats pretty important considering it is a safety issue. It could have been an oversight, however shouldnt have happened. The warning comes up and is pretty clear that it is just for setup.
  5. Ben C

    PC Link New Layouts

    could we edit the file to incorporate the new layouts into existing? Looks like it is possible from my quick glance at it. cheers.
  6. Ben C

    Fuel getting hot

    many things can cause that. attach your tune and a log. How hot is the fuel getting? Injectors wont be fault.
  7. post a pic or the file. You sure the scale is MGP and not MAP?
  8. What is the actual concern here? That the government could alter your tune? And kill you?
  9. Ben C

    Fuelab Pump 92902 PWM

    I would definitely set to 1000hz and see how it goes. Where did the 80hz come from?
  10. Ben C

    Fuelab Pump 92902 PWM

    Yep, must be in the manual or info onkine somewhere. 80 is a fair way off 500 as minimum!
  11. Ben C

    Fuelab Pump 92902 PWM

    I believe that is way too low. Needs to be above 500hz from memory
  12. Ben C

    Fuelab Pump 92902 PWM

    what frequency do you have the output set at?
  13. Thanks Adam, i had thought of doing a 4d table to address it, and thats fine, however not understanding the real cause of it is bugging me. At the end of the day I want to move on, but not knowing is annoying. i feel like i tell myself to move on, but cant do it! I have already moved on many times...... All good, i will update down the track if I come up with anything of interest!
  14. If i had entered the base flow at 400Kpa it would be correct, however i put it at 300Kpa. I will change it to 400Kpa like it should have been. So it looks like i need a hole in my VE table, rather than a smooth transition that I am expecting? Is it not odd to need to reduce the VE with an increase in MAP?
  15. ok. I would love to put this to bed..... to me it really seems as though i am getting more fuel from somewhere. the last log i posted shows this , same value from fuel table and pulse width gets bigger. Looks like my differential fuel pressure changes. At idle the reg cant dump enough fuel to get to desired base pressure, tune is set to reference the FP sensor. wonder if i should just turn it up to 4bar base and see how i go.... **edit, that has made me realise something. Going from the GM data into LINK software i think i stuffed my in
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