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  1. Yeah, its connected to Digital , 14V from ECU and GND. Cable are connected well. DI 5 has set up as Ethanol Sensor.
  2. Not sure, how to figure out as Ethanol sensor keep show error.
  3. Thanks @adamw One last thing is there is a big latency of display which is quite annoyed as the ECU rpm limit reach before display show. Anyway we can do about it?
  4. Hi, I'm struggling on trying to some value that isn't on the basic preset on Link ECU stream in AIM RS3 in order to show on AIM dash. I'd like Gear box oil temp AT4 and Ethanol Sensor Content value and Temp to show. How can I set up both LINK and AIM File. I've attached .plcr and zconfig files here., please help with thanks @adamw FURY.pclr EDITED.zconfig
  5. Adam, I have a question about Cyclic Idle as I want to have it with out ALS active. As soon as I set Cyclic idle "ON" the Fuel cut start working on and off and AFR goes super lean at 1.8-2.5 lambda. What should I do to make AFR at normal rate?

  6. Finally solved problem Adam. Its about the ground wring something wrong with it. Thanks for your help
  7. Mine goes to 4000 RPM so its not on LIMP mode, isn't it? I will recheck all the wiring again today. And about the E-Throttle relay 1 that should goes to AUX. What should it wire to PDM? Ground?
  8. @adamw My set up is link with AIM PDM and AIM GPS08. Is it possible to use GPS Speed as Non Driven Speed? Can Fury steam this data from AIM?
  9. @Adamw Sorry for digging this topic. What is it supposed to be set of Y Axis in this case?
  10. @adamw What is the setting to make to ref limit when AP has gone off track? Now what there is error, REV goes up so I have to cut the engine every time.
  11. @adamw I change the APS unit from the other car, its the same. Checking 2 x 5V and GND on APS Plug value shows fine. Only things that I have changes is just only PDM but it shouldn't have to change any setting coz its receive 5V from ECU. Whatelse should I go next? @adamw Only one thing is different on the APS GND is its 30ohm and the other car is 1ohm? Could it possible?
  12. @Adamw 1 I have tried to set E-Throttle Relay on AUX2 as you mentioned with no any cable connected. My question is what I supposed to connect this AUX to PDM channel? Power output or GND or input? I have recalibrated both APS and TP. Same it just works fine on Set up mode only. When engine runs and I switch to on it keeps show FC:77 Here is the new log attached. Throttle ON Set Up, Engine run.llg Throttle ON, Engine run NOT OK.llg Throttle ON, Engine not run.llg E-Throttle Set Up.pclr
  13. I compare with the old file and see APS Main and Sub are swopped channels. Let me try again tomorrow and see if its works
  14. I just changed all wiring system to PDM so I removed all relays and fuses. I did calibrate APS and TP man times but no luck. For ANV low error has changed to 0.0V but still same. Now its show Fault Code 77 AP Main and Sub tracking error.
  15. ) After I set up new wiring and swop some ANV Channel. I can set up E-Throttle on "ON" mode, it works just fine on "Set up" mode but right after switch to "On" mode. APS shows error. And also the rev keep going higher and higher. On the photos attached, the half left is when engine is "ON" mode, right is "Set up" mode. Please advise. L15_E-Throttle.pclr Throttle Problem.llg
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